Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wake Up-It's Coffee-30 Somewere!!

              G' day to y'all!   I had a really deep thought provoking actual topic for today's blog post---but my coffee has definitely not kicked in full blast yet.   So I see this going like many of my posts, and quickly turning into full on random rambling.   Many of my posts seem to write themselves and take the topics way into the gutter.   I wish the novel I have been trying to write for years, would just write it self.  

    I have posted the above before---but in celebration of me just locating my straight jacket--I thought I would post again.   Sadly after re-reading many of my past posts, I think they were much funnier -the further back I go.   I hope to change this soon, but not today!   I also realize that my opinion doesn't really matter, since just slipping up while talking and saying the word "do" twice in a row in a sentence, makes me chuckle and chuckle!  I often find myself the only one laughing.   This makes me laugh too....

By the look on his face, I don't know if this was a master winning plan,
or he just lost a really bad bet, but the plan seems to be working. 

                                                                      Always just one step away!

                                                                       Do not-not try this at home.

                                                This goes out to the few great people out there.  Those that would help
       us through anything.  There are very few of you left out there---and we appreciate you, beyond your belief!
Mr AA and Pooh are always very deep also. 

And now my moment of Zen...



Reading is sexy.
So I used to read all the time.
Especially when we had to rely solely on public transportation.  The extra strange people greatly enjoy talking to me, and for the most part--if you are staring at a book, they will not strike up a conversation with you.   At some point, I decided since I was spending all that time staring at the pages, I should actually read some of them also!
As we try to get our kiddos to read more and more, I try to do my reading time each night in the living room--were they all can see me reading.   It is not often enough that they follow suit, but sometimes it works.
     I have not done my picture of the day for quite awhile.   So scattered through this blog post are several pictures I have shot.   The one above is my favorite for today.   From Bellingham, Washington while roaming down State Street one fine day.   The sun is always a very welcome sight in Washington state.   Here in the desert we see lots of it, and I still keep checking the calender to see if it really is January --with it so warm out each day.  By summer time, it is so dam hot, one almost wishes for rain---making the monsoon season a huge hit at our house.  

I grew up in Wyoming were the above is a very warm day, one were you might break out your shorts.
And I can't say I miss the very long, bitter winters at all. 
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