Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gravity--not just a great idea, but the law.

    As I sit here this Saturday morning drowning large volumes of coffee and spewing large volumes of cuss word-I flash back to a family conversation earlier in the week.   First a bit of background on this morning and to why I am disgruntled.  Our computer it seems, needs lots of time to wake up also many mornings.  We are paying for high speed Internet, but in the morning I can brew an entire cup of coffee while waiting for pages to open up.   With the kiddos already up, I had hoped to type this while also listening to random music from, almost instantly from You-Tube.   But an hour later, I am overly happy to have this paragraph!!  We have become so spoiled by instant entertainment -as spoiled as I have become with real coffee at every turn, while living in Washington state. 
     Technology has jumped in leaps and bounds in the last few years, and I realized that our kids don't have to deal with cassette tapes of even phones with dam cords attached to the wall.   Although the new retro accessory is buying such cords for your cell phone, all be it, I have no idea why anyone would wish to relive that--even if they are not old enough to have lived it in the first place.  Brick sized cell phones are a thing of the past, and almost everyone can afford one.  The same with home computers, although they once were the size of a small brick house, and just as expensive.  Last week my wife and I, were talking about what was the in computer technology when we were in school.  About the time I hit middle school, the whole school got brand new Machinontoches!  And e mail was just starting to be a thing.   We each had personal accounts--only connected with the school, and got a whole half hour of e mail time!   Now those same computers are lining dumps across the county--built to never fully rot away.  OR are styling, very hi-tech fish aquariums.  In those days to even type a page like this, could easily be an all day project.  So in comparison I am just being a whinny little girl.   To witness me being a screaming lil girl, be around me when I am confronted by very bad coffee or a snake!  
    And of course our parents got through school with typewriters and no Google!  Plus they got a real education.  Have you ever tried to use a typewriter?   Now that is a joy right up there with walking through the desert with no shoes!  It is right up there with using our new disk-that allows you to speak into the computer and than it types what you say.   It is great fun to play around with, but usually turns into a page of gibberish way beyond Pig Latin.  Some day I wish to type out a blog post and than speak it, and show you how great the program really isn't.   Just another reason that our current youth may be lazy and doomed if some kind zombie attack actually does hit.  Unless the attackers can be killed by flying cell phones.  If anyone would actually let go of there phone.   I am about as guilty for all of the above.   Today I will not vent any further on such things.   Instead I will go back to Facebook and complain about people that post everything in there life, and than wonder why everyone knows all about them.    On to some jokes!!

I saw the above while getting my WTF yearly shot.
**"You put the F U in "fun"**
Must try the above out loud.
Trying this multiple times may result in varied results.
Please let me know what you learn.
Non haunted since "09!"
Works like a charm!
I have been greatly slacking on my picture of the day section.
And although I prefer the pictures to be new---today's are once again older shots.
Since I have not featured this in awhile, I am adding not one, but two pictures today!!
First this one from Exploring Sheridan, Wyoming.
This is in the middle of the very nice city park.
A very large fenced in area full of elk and buffalo. 
And if you are very lucky you can spot baby buffalo, but not during the bitter winters of course.
Of course you knew this was an elk---and not just an angry horse that someone placed antlers on. 
In all my travels I have noticed that most of my friends --that did not grow up in Wyoming   do not know the names of MANY wild animals.  At least the correct names. 
This list includes our children---city slickers for sure, but I was very disappointed when the youngest, who's almost 10 asked what animal pork came from.
To solve this just a little bit, and give them some more culture, we are planning a large travel loop this summer.
Through were I grew up of course, and through Yellowstone and all of the great stops between Arizona and home.
On the same note, I have wished to do an entire post -like a quiz for non BFE residents.  To see how many animals and such they could actually name.  Like many things, I have been wishing to do this for many years now. 
Back to the above picture---
I really enjoy how the elk seems to be almost posing for this picture!
I did not have a vehicle at this time, so soon after the pictures I had a very brisk, long, and chilly walk home.
Followed by cranking the heat and a very warming beer I am sure. 
Number two this fine day, comes from Bellingham, Washington.
Our home several times in our travels.
Full of great people, amazing Exploring, and, wonderful coffee.
The state also used to be full of our relatives --but at some point they mostly followed
us south--and took turns tormenting us.  But that is a different story and picture.
Maybe I will share that as the picture flip book of the day!
Our oldest and I were Exploring a new part of the city.
I have realized we have few pictures of our oldest, but many of them
are very kool.
I particularly enjoy this one.

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Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head
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