Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome To 2014, Yo!

                                **"You do not need a new year to make resolutions and life changes."**

                                          **"As of today this beautiful World is now 2014 years old!"**

     I hope that all of my readers had a joy and family filled Christmas.  And that they had an enjoyable but safe New Years Eve.  I know those two words do not usually make for a super fun night--but we were struggling to stay up until 12 -noon this year, and may have officially become old fuddie dudies with an impasise on the dud!   I will let you know for sure next year.   Although it was great to just stay at home--no really it was.   I/we have enjoyed some great New Years Eves---one that sticks out, always was years ago in Portland, Oregon.   Riots and getting pepper sprayed seemed to be the highlights of the crazy night.  So calm and safe with my great family was very nice.   I hope that many of you at least attempted new resolutions and have made it past this first week in January at striving for them.   I would vow to drink more coffee, but I am not sure that is even possible. 

    I pretty much stopped all coffee consumption in the mornings for awhile-and although I was fine with this-although very jittery and with a constant throbbing headache.   Those around me, especially my wife, decided for me that I should never skip my morning coffee again!

      The same some-what goes for phone calls.   I say  some-what  because I never call anyone anyway.   Maybe because I left a lot of people back in 2012!   And maybe because most people can not actually see my friends.  I have found out through the years that I had way to many fake friends.   Although having one good friend again would be nice.   *sad face* 

                                                              I found Waldo!!     Give me a cookie

    Many resolutions revolve around money but the above greatly applies to us, so unless all of my readers would like to resolve to send me there extra cash --we will remain broke.   We are in the process of switching banks.  And the bank we were switching to can't seem to get us actual bank cards so we can use our money.  So we will soon be switching away from them also.   Moral of this story--use your bed mattress to store all cash.    And that we now have three different banks, with very little money in any of the accounts.  

                                                        That's funny right there---I don't care who you are. 

   We have several super fast dogs and kiddos.   So good luck eating anything off the floor if you come over to visit. 
Good luck finding a floor you would want to eat off of either.   I used to be super picky about what I ate.   And than I moved out of my parents house and had to create my own meals.   My restaurant ordering and microwave warming skills became great though!   Than I got married to a wonderful cook---who keeps me out of the kitchen at all costs.   Although she does let me BBQ--even if it is a blizzard outside.  With three kids and two dogs running around the house and often random people that just seem to eat here and sleep on the couch, it is often hard to find a full meal.  Even after one has just been cooked.   One of our dogs won't even wait for food to drop anymore, if you turn your head to long, he will just snatch things like the top slice of bread from your sandwich.   With this I have become less picky.   Drops on the floor or dirt--and I am the first to grab it, its mine!   Kids lick something thinking I wont eat it.   Ha!  I am immune to spit germs.   I hope some of you reading this are also married and relate to my random rambling.  I hope that those of you that don't get it or are single, are reading this as you sit down for your morning coffee and breakfast. 

   My next Exploring blog post takes us back to Tombstone, were we always have a blast!    My sister was in town for a few days and we needed a great place to Explore.  

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