Thursday, January 30, 2014

Smile It Could Ruin A Grouchs Day!

Today's blog post brought to you by the letters "P" and "U"
AND by the neighbors router!!

                                                       **"Brains are great---I wish everyone had one!"**----Zombies

   **"I have long known that it is part of God's plan for me to spend a little time with each of the most stupid people on Earth."** ---- Bill Bryson 

                                **" Running away is not going to help you with your problems,
                                                     unless you're overweight.Then it might help."**

                  **"There is a fine line between crazy and free spirited, and it is usually a prescription."**

                                                               **"Hate the sin, but love the sinner."**
                                          **"Be careful who you trust, the Devil was once an angel."**----So when we lived in Bellingham, WA -we belonged to a great church.  The family fully fit in, it was close to our house, and the sermons spoke to my wife and I and actually woke us up almost every week.  We have been trying to find a new church home here in Benson, Arizona--and the last few Sundays we pick a church as a family that we are going to try out.  I have studied many types of religion, and do not want to offend anyone to much---religion is so important, that the topic needs to be tread on lightly, something I rarely say for sure.   In the near future, I am going to do an entire blog post of our journey to find another wonderful church home.  I was going to post this in my Exploring Arizona page, but do not think it is the right fit for that.   So it will post to this page.  Anyways, last Sundays selection was the local Mormon church---so since it was a three hour service--I will have lots to report on that.   In all fairness, in the oldin' daze---just after the dinosaurs were killed off, church was an all day event.   Full of God of course, family, and community bonding.   So a mere three hours is nothing to commit, unless you are not used to such a thing.  As I said, much more on all of this very soon. 

**"I do dangerous stunts and tricks in front of homeless people because I know they can not try them at home..."**    

     Hello and cheers to all of you in reader land!  Through the years I have found this page to be a very good experience for me.  I hope that it is somewhat for you the reader also.   I can find a quiet spot--guzzle coffee and vent without even bugging my wife.  The typing is very calming for me, as is taking the pictures that go in each of my blogs.   I have found however that many of my goals are not being met.  A huge part of this page, was so that I would get back into writing again.  Something I used to love.  I was going to force myself into seclusion as many days as possible, and just write here--hoping that this would get me inspired to work on my other projects that are in a long term holding pattern, and to always be starting new ones.  But alas-I never seem to get to any of them.  I do hope that you enjoy this long running page, and scroll down to read more, and to find links to my other blog projects.  

     Today's page was going to be a lot of rambling and venting, but mostly venting from the last week -that I have writing online.  But for many reasons I am seeing myself overly dissatisfied with most things, and close to slipping into a funk, much lead by depression.   So to keep from slipping all the way, I will keep the negatives out of today's post. 

I am also going to do something very rare for this page---and only include two pictures about coffee.
Mostly because I am going to supply you with my link of coffee love pictures!
Feel free to browse them all and "borrow" any --
That may very well be how I got many of the pictures.
Check it out, yo!
Why do I not have this button on my keyboard??
I do not believe I have shared this list before.
I thought it was great and hope you enjoy.
You have a very good computer if it gives you the above warning.

What path calls you today? The easy path or the one less traveled. Were are you Exploring today?
Were will we Explore next??
Beautiful Arizona! All local pictures and Exploring. New page looking for more readers and support. MANY new posts, pictures, and ideas in the works! Please come Explore with us.
I have noticed that there are very few good pictures of me.
This one is one of the betterer!
I am not only saying hi from the middle of the desert-but
I must vent a little right here folks.
I have mentioned this before---but every time we hike in the desert we come across trash every were from
bags floating in the wind, to piles of booze bottles.
I realize this is just a big pile of blowing sand and dirt, but it is also not your personal dump.
Please stop!
Many of these piles are basically in town.
All of these piles are ugly and greatly take away from the hike.
They also are huge draws for our dogs to Explore. Not really a good thing.
Pack out what you pack in.
That is all.  :)
Above is toady's picture of the day!
And for a big change in things, it is a current picture.
Very current--as in I took it yesterday.
An extremely nice family just up the road from us
has a whole room of birds  and this was the first time Jess got to visit them.
She was still pretty nervous about it all when I snapped this shot
but was warming up to all of the birds by the time we left. 
We also went home with a very nice grand father clock
a late Christmas present or very early birthday present for my wife.
And the best part--it was free. 
You would be amazed at how much stuff we get--because everyone has to much stuff.
Much of it we sell--but there is no way my wife would let me sell this.
Once we have it up and running --the clock might very well be my next picture of the day!

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