Friday, February 7, 2014

First Post Of Feb. Or More Slackin' Less Yackin"


               **"I wrote down "coffee" as my emergency contact at work!"**

  **"There is a time and place for decaff coffee
        Never and in the trash!"**

            **"It is a sad day, when you argue with yourself ----and loose!"**

                **"Fart when people hug you---it makes them feel strong!"**

   **"I went to an open-air cafe today and it rained, it took me four hours to eat my soup!"**

        **"It has been proven that woman with large butts live much longer than the men that point this out."** ----More deep quotes in ever blog post!   Minus the deep.  

          Good morning all!   Today seems to be the 7th of February -at least that's what my Aztec proof calender is telling me.  I have a whole post about last weeksend Super Bowl coming up-- but the game went very different from what I was thinking--as I am sure many of you can agree with!   I am still to in shock with the results--to make fun of it all effectively.  I am also super glad I did not have any cash on the game!   This leaves me with my old stand by-of lots of random rambling.   We did have a big BBQ that day---with way more food than guests.  But I seldom pass up a chance to grill food.   This also kept us from researching any churches yet another week.   Sadly joining the masses that were entertained and or stunned by this event.   Yesterday as I watched and read about 700,000 fans filling Seattle for the victory parade several thoughts crossed my mind.   Why can't all this love and passion and energy be put towards better causes---stopping war, fixing our country-just a little, outsting the "president."   Or even just a fraction of the energy.   Maybe we really are being slowly and efficiently distracted as people and as a country.  And maybe each of us should re-read the book 1984.   Next I could not help but ponder--why Seattle could not do all of this winning while we actually lived in the state, very near the large city.   I am not huge into the team--but a little bit of celebration goes a long way, and I am sure all of the sports bars across the state were great fun to be in.   Lastly my thought line turned to what must have been pure gridlock for most of the city.  Seattle is one of those city's were it is usually much faster to walk around---if you can stand the constant  rain-and not melt from it.   Now add in all of those people, each of which probably came in a car.  A car from another part of the state, because all of Seattle had to work.   Half of those people actually working, were probably running the 999 coffee stores -just around the Space Needle.  

      For a long while we lived in Bellingham, Washington--about two hours north of Seattle.  Not because it is a long way away, but because about 30 miles before Seattle city limits, you start hitting lots of traffic.   This is true almost any time of day that one would choose to leave Bellingham.  And as you got closer to the big city--it soon turned into what I like to call a parking lot on the interstate.   No cars are moving, and if you have an older --grumpy car, you can just watch the temperature gauge raise---on your cars dash and on everyone sitting in there cars.  Luckily it is usually cooler outside and or raining, so you do not have to suffer often in the heat, as you are not actually driving.  Right now we live about 45 minutes from Tucson, Arizona--and unless you have to venture downtown, the traffic always seems pretty light.  Annoying, but light.   At one point in our travels we lived about as close to Phoenix, Arizona.   And I could die happy if I never had to drive there again.  Beyond traffic never moving---I am still not sure why major cities even post speed limit signs--   it is always extremely hot.   And the other non moving drivers quickly become very annoyed.   Most of the drivers also have guns.   To add to the fun--every vehicle we have ever owned in the land of the sweating sun, also known as Arizona, had no air conditioner.   So while we have lots of time to look around at all of the other angry parkers---I say parkers, because non of us are actually driving.   We can notice how all of there windows are up, as they are angrily enjoying full on A/C and polishing there guns.   What do we do during this?    We crank the stereo and melt ice cubes in our hot drinks to see who's will melt the fastest!   Given a large enough ice chest--this can be hours of fun.   And given the traffic at any given time, you will have plenty of need for long projects or to start a new hobby.  

    And now enough of my complaning and on to some bragging and than jokes of some sort.  

True story
Although I can not help you if you do not enjoy pancakes.

How many of your child hood dreams have also been shattered?

And finally my lost thought for myself
and Y'all this fine day....

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