Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some Tucson Exploring

   **Another post first published in my newest blog page    All about Exploring wonderful Arizona  **

      Welcome back readers!   This post comes from Northern California were I am busy Exploring and getting new pictures for future posts to this very page.   MANY new posts, Exploring, and pictures in the works.   Please check out MY first page for lots more Exploring and mayhem at :

      The California posts will appear soon--under a little further down the road headings, today we again roam around beautiful Arizona.  Last week I enjoyed some of the sights in Tucson and of course the full on sunshine.   On Tuesday my wife and I dropped the kids of at school, and than snuck off for Tucson for some shopping and casino time.  We ended up at the Desert Diamond Casino.   If you get a member card there, Tuesday is the day to do so.  Not only do they give you free money to gamble on, but you can enjoy the large buffet for free.   And it only takes one coupon on Tuesdays, because it is "buy" one get one free day.   So on Friday I returned to Tucson to take a hike and use my free food coupon at the casino. 

 My first stop was at the large Flying J truck stop right across from the even larger Triple T truck stop, both on the outskirts of Tucson.  Both offer lots of food and shopping choices including great coffee and more importantly they offer a restroom.   I was trying out a new camera on this trip, and needed to stretch my legs, so ventured around the area to snap a few shots. 

This was still in the parking lot
and it is much harder than it looks to capture a bee in mid flight.

It amazes me how these magnificent plants are so varied.
These are rare in Tucson, simply because they are not spray painted by vandals and taggers.

Before finding a large lunch I decided it was time to Explore.

A local park was my stopping place. 
Just across this great bridge was a paved wonderland of trails to Explore.  

But trails are boring
Mostly because someone has already been were they go
and because they can easily become very crowded. 
So I soon was roaming around the open desert. 
I came across a set of rail road tracks. 
And have found that many of the best sights involve walking on tracks. 
Plus there is not much better than walking on rail road tracks
accented by a bright and sunny day.
The only thing that can make it better, is to do all this with a buddy.

I soon found I was behind the air museum.
Very close to the huge plane bone yard, but slightly less secure.

Many a time I have jumped a fence or three, even on this trip to California.
But not on this day in Tucson.
The warnings backed by the air force and the army keep me on the correct side of the fence. 
So does the massive razor wire.
Some day I wish to Explore the museum more, but thought it would be  a much better trip when I had the kiddos with me. 

I was soon much closer to the fence line.

So much history in one small space. 

Butch asks "Were are you Exploring today ??"

Next post Explores this area just past the caves on the way to Sierra Vista.  

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