Monday, February 10, 2014

More Rambling

     OK so you caught me and this blog post is once again not about the Super Bowl, that honestly was not all the super.  Although the outcome was very surprising indeed.  I promise to do my post dedicated to the big game, before next years big game.  Today of course there will be some rambling~ Always, a few pictures I took in the last week, and, some jokes.  We have so much going on in the next few weeks, and for a switch most of it is very good things for us.  Although I do not wish to jink this just yet, by posting about any of them.  It seems that if I put something in a blog--and or tell my parents about it, it does not happen.   Last case and point, was when my wife and I thought we would have a night out on the town together a few months back.   We did have a night without the kids in December.  But we were defiantly not alone.   My wife was in the hospital and it was Christmas night.  So although it was amazing I found anyone to watch the kiddos, and it will be a night we always remember, it was not one of those events that people write poems about or toast to at there weddings.   
     I am taking a trip to Palm Springs California at the end of the month, for those of you that are stalking me.  It will be my first Amtrak ride ever.  And of course I will get lots and lots of pictures.  And have lots of new posts for my newest Exploring blog page.   I realize the page is mostly about Exploring amazing Arizona, but sometimes it goes beyond too!   This is a very new sight that longs and wishes for your support   so PLEASE check it out at:

    The pictures from the trip will be with our newest camera.  Awhile back I had a large brain fart and lost our rather crummy, but handy digital camera.  We purchased a new one, new to us because much of what I do do    Yes I typed do do- involves taking pictures.  Whatever the reason-mainly because it was cheap, we ended up with a very pink camera.  Although I use it a lot, the color does not flatter me to much, although it might bring out my eyes.  One of our neighbors left a very nice camera here -for us to sell online.  It has several lenses and is amazing.  But it takes actual film.   Something that has become very slow, and expensive unless you have your own photo lab in your house.   In a very failed attempt to sell the camera to someone, they showed us a very kool digital camera and than let us borrow it for the weeksend.  My wife wanted the pink camera to call her own, so added on the peer pressure to buy the new camera.  Plus we really could not beat the price.  Anyways, the next ones I am going to show were with this camera   before we officially bought it.  These and others will make it into my newest Exploring page, have I mentioned it before?  :) At:

   Above is the camera we are attempting to sell   in case you need a great new camera.

As of next month   my wife and I will have been married for two years!
Boy does the time fly.  
I realize that Valentine's day is rapidly approaching but I have never really liked the "holiday" at all.  Plus why limit your feelings to just one day or one month? 
We personally have like 4 different anniversary's.
Plus my sister has forever ruined the day even more  by here story 
I will refrain from going into here, about VD day   
A story that quickly sets my mind thinking in the gutter, a place
it never strays far from  really.  

While playing with the new camera my wife some how got the above shot. 
It basically makes our oldest look like a ghost. 
Bring out the holy water and rubber chicken to save him from the dark side!

A very rare moment of peace during game time.  
Very rare. 

      Close up I took with the new camera.   This is right next to a huge truck stop on the out skirts of Tucson.     But beauty can be found just about any were if you have the time to look and stop and smell the flowers.   I waited till the hovering bee left to smell these.  Or was it stomp on the flowers?  

Later that day I found myself roaming down some rail road tracks.
There is not much better than roaming R R tracks in full on sunshine.  
It could have been better if I had a buddy or a dog with me.  
Many of the best hikes I have been on involved walking on tracks it seems.  
I piratically like these pictures because of all the sun.
While much of the country is freezing
it is going to be 80 here by the end of the week.
Am I rubbing this in?  
Heck yeah!
But I did grow up in Wyoming  so I have seen more than my share of snow.  

I soon ended up near the huge sprawling plane bone yards 
behind the air and space museum.  
I will have more on all of this soon.
The bone yard is housing a fun walk/run next month   
which would result in some great pictures, but I don't think I will be able to attend this year.  
Usually I forget to mind no trespassing signs, but 
this area being part of the Air Force base, connected to the Army base, and
topped off with nasty razor wire, I stayed on the legal side of the fence all day.  

                                                         In deep thinking mode.

With our two year anniversary coming up   of being married
and nearly nine years of being something like a couple, above is the store you can shop in for me.

    On the morning of the Super Bowl   it was also ground hogs day it seems.  I guess this almost never happens.   Never has happened before  some were along those lines.   No matter the case, on that very morning, I saw several posts and or shots of Ted Nugent killing ground hogs on his large property.   I guess with the prediction The ground hog gave, it was rather fitting.  But I laughed and laughed.   You might not find it as amusing, but I am very easily amused for sure!

I am not blond, but I am not sure I could pass this. 

In case you did not find enough coffee this Monday morning. 

And now since it is Monday   
your moment of Zen.....

A few of the many sun set shots 
These came while living in Belingham, Washington. 
A beautiful back set for a burial place.  

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