Friday, February 14, 2014

Bring On The Cheap Candy---Tomorrow!

     **"I told a coworker I saw her at the grocery store today. She said she was shopping for VD. I was really confused. I thought she meant she had a sexually transmitted disease! I was speechless! She had to 'splain it to me. I haven't given much thought to Valentine's Day, I guess. My coworker thinks I'm an airhead, but I'm really just romantically challenged. Right?"**--My sister who has ruined this "holiday" for me even more, every time I think of this story!  

                 **"There is a fine line between romantic and pathetic."**----Grant Miller---Fittingly enough from my sisters son.  

 **Should I title my next blog--"I wish I could ask the sexiest person alive to be my valentine. But it would be pretty weird asking myself OR my gf didn't want to kiss me so bad she grew a wart on top of her new cold sore?**---Me

             **"Sometimes it's very hazy if it's everyone else or me that's crazy"**---Criminal minds

   **"I just don't wanna celebrate a bullshit holiday. I'm plenty romantic. I own a home and have never sh*t my pants. Two things you can't say."**---Sh*t My Dad Says web sight

Some times it is not best to use abbreviations!

   Valentine's Day is the perfect time for a reminder that cases of gonorrhea have reached outbreak levels in Snohomish County, and are rising drastically throughout the state -- This was an actual news report I woke up too today on my Facebook status- courtesy of the Washington news!  I will not share the rest of it, because the first sentence is wrong on soooo many levels!  This is the perfect way to announce the "holiday" and the serious outbreak?  Really?  I can only guess that the writer has recently become  single AND learned a very serious life lesson.  And is probably now very disgruntled and itchy.  But what a downer headline for VD day!  Do you suppose this made the front page headlines today??   I just thought I would share-because in a morbid way it's funny, and I like to share things!

But with the above headline 
we are reminded about the importance of safe sex.  
To help drive in the  point-- is this PSA from your local planned parenthood department.

Speaking of wrong on many levels--so is this book
Is the sequel called "how to toss my cookies?"

  I have posted the above isperationan-less and deep quotes in years past.   And surprise, I still have the same feelings about the day as in past blogs.   Read them if you want some deep insight.  Or as close to that as any of my blogs will offer you.  One is a list of ways to show you care, any day of the week -- not just on this day  of roses and edible goodies.  But I stole all of that advice off the net.  One or two past blog posts is also about sheep--and how they are safe--if you want to read something really romantic---the relevance of all of this is explained in the post, for those of you that did not grow up in Wyoming.  I can tell you for sure that we are having a great day--with out to much mushy crap, and that we are just itching to zoom down to the stores on 2/15    when allllll of the candy goes on sale!  


    I can also tell you that it is supposed to reach record high temperatures here over the weeksend.  As in near or possibly over 90!   So as I am greatly enjoying typing this blog from the outside, on our covered car port, sitting on a couch, watching the action of our mini town, I am also sweating!

The true reason she is smiling

   And now on to today's fun for us.  It actually started yesterday when my wife and I snuck away to Sierra Vista for the day while the kiddos were at school.   For some shopping, alone time, and most importantly-- lunch at The Olive Garden!  As always it was amazing.  Three thumbs way up.  Especially for the server.   We have had several meals out lately, thanks to our tax return, and the service is usually very lacking.  But than I have been a server on and off again for many years.  So I am more picky than others.  I barely needed dinner last night, after all of the bread sticks, salad, and pasta--o my!
    Today my wife and I have been enjoying each other---she helped the kiddos each make special mini cakes for the there favorite teachers last night and at some point I get one too!   We went to Wally World, and bought each other prizes--with the warning of not getting them -if we peaked.  Olive Garden and my upcoming trip were our real presents for the "holiday."   Each for both of us, the trip--because April will have the house to herself during the day time while I am gone.   Like now, while I am slowly typing this post --outside.   I am mainly staling --while I wait for the mail man to come.   The boxes are right across the street from us, and although we rarely get good mail, or even any mail---some day we are bound to get something great.   Maybe from Ed Mcman himself.  

      Tonight the older kiddos have a dance at there school.  And they have there presents for there crushes.  At least there crushes for this week.  Sine the youngest is feeling left out, we are taking him to do something kool.   At least as kool as it can be--hanging out with your folks.  The jury is still out on were we are going--it is a small town, and the choices are few--but he gets the final pick, and any of the choices have to be betterer than a middle school dance.  :)  Later tonight the bar very near our house is having a free concert---so we might sneak over there for a little slow dance of our own.   I say might, because it depends on how early the kids fall asleep and  because many of the "evil" relatives like the same bar.   With the track record we have been having with holidays this year, it could easily turn into a bad night.  Turkey day--we were in a fight--and got to talk to the cops, New Years   was lame, even for us-- and Christmas--my wife was in the hospital.   

   But were will I post all of my crap than? I know I will just post pictures of our actual laundry before it gets cleaned! I enjoyed this post way more before I saw the ad in the bottom right corner. More dirty laundry daily at Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

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