Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Several *Mini Rants*

          Good morning Sun shines!  Or at least sun shine!!  I have been talking --yes, maybe bragging about the warm weather here -in many a blog post.  Mostly because most of the people I know keep reporting about freezing there butts off.  The temperatures on the weather boards keep breaking records for this time of year, but one local station yesterday showed us in triple digit temperatures across the state---to soon!   This was not really the case, that won't happen till it really starts heating up, in May--but the computers converted all of the temperatures into Celsius--Aye, and made them look beyond warm. 
    It was so nice again yesterday, that the boys, Butch, and I disappeared for a nice hike.  Of course I got lots of pictures and a new Exploring blog or three is in the works.  I have been greatly slacking on my newest page---but will be really pushing on finding more readers all across the great state of Arizona and beyond.  Please check out the page and than share the link if you enjoy what you see: 


           **My second blog series has some of my best personal pictures and lots of                     Exploring!**                                      Please take a look around. 


             **Tell me what  you really think about all of my thoughts!**
             This page gets updated first.      And is great for leaving comments.  Each comment from good to bad to ugly--helps me make my pages better.   Your complaints also make me laugh!   And laughter is a good thing.  
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

       I decided to get my shameless personal plugs out of the way early in this blog.  I usually try to put them at the end of the post, so like TV commercials- you can just skip over them.  Tons of new pictures coming for me to share!  We recently got a new camera--to us, and although it is a little awkward to carry along, it is amazingly fun to use. 
       Last post I talked -mostly complained about the joys of car hunting.   Minus any joy-for sure.  Today we actually thought our search was going to be over and we would once again be a two vehicle family.  A two vehicle family with only one drivers licence, but that is another story.  We even thought the process was going to be mostly painless.  Today we were supposed to view/test drive/buy a car that seemed to be an amazing deal.   It must have truly been an amazing deal, because the seller contacted us last night, and told us that he was sorry, but he had just sold the car.  We had already scheduled a day--today in fact, that he would drive the car to his work, and we would look at it--mind you.  I have in the past discussed how I feel about the words "I'm sorry" and how useless they are.  Useless but over used.   So I informed him how sorry we were that we had scheduled a viewing and had got our hopes up for nothing.   Again useless use of the dreaded word, because he now had cash in hand. 

  **"Layin' down the law at the Adams Homestead with the kiddos and April Adams Sheriff Joe Ain't got nothing on my wife."**

      While I was dealing with all of this fun--my wife actually got some free time and was hanging out with a friend.  She doesn't do this much at all.  Because we have dropped most of our friends, in fact no one else can see any of my friends.  Anyways all of the kiddos have recently decided they don't have to listen to anyone else in our house except mom--if even her, so all heck soon broke out in our house.  We have been having endless problems with them acting up over the last few months, and actually discussed options with a local teen probation officer a few weeks ago.  Because of some past house members, we are now learning that the kids saw there relatives often doing many things that would easily land the doers in jail if they got caught.  Since they did not get caught, it was considered normal behavior.  And we are trying to nip these habits in the butt -before it results in actual jail time for them.  Anyways, we had a group/family pow wow last night---complete with new house rules and consequences.  We hit a re-start button for them all, but warned that if the re-set was not takin' full advantage of-- a police visit was an entirely real option.  

    Just after this fun, minus the fun I attempted to pop into Wendy's to grab some quick din din for her and I.  It was late, and neither of us had snagged any food yet.  The key word here is attempt.  The same way I always land behind people at grocery stores that have no idea how to use there own debit/credit card, in fast food joints--I always land behind the person that has never ordered fast food before.  This usually happens at the MC Grease pit---and although the menu is the same at every MC d's and has been very close to the same almost since they have opened, people choose to study it in depth-- while standing at the order cashier.  I have written about all of this before also.   Last night the person ahead of me had a highly highly detailed order--right down to the super sized 5 gallon bucket of soda with 13.5 ice cubes in it.  This is not Burger King people--were you git it your way!  I would have paid for everyone in the now long lines meals, including the picky eater in front of me, if the cashier would have said something like, "This is not Burger King mam, here it is our way--or the highway!"    Classic. 

   I used to have a regular -very calming--I will call it event, bit it was more like a feature called "mini rants."  Many of them appeared in my past blogs.  I believe you would enjoy reading them!  I have not broke out -in one in a long while.  To make up for that---I am adding extra complaining to this post.  I find it a good stress reliever, plus it keeps me from complaining to much to my wife.  I hope you also find it somewhat entertaining.  I know that when I vent in person--it is highly entertaining.  As always if you do not agree with anything you see here, please comment away!  That said, here is my last one for today.  I have had lots of issues over the last few months with local groups on Facebook that state one thing in there page description, but do not go by that at all.   When trying to push any logic or reasoning with the groups great administrators --I soon find myself kicked out of the groups.  Here are my rambling thoughts on all of this---I conveniently posted this on Facebook  of all places this morning:

              I long ago learned that arguing with or without logic on Facebook is a lost cause--but I had before thought this was different on local groups. Nope! Bring out the reasoning, or your own thoughts--and you will get banned. 4 groups in 2 months. ---The first was a local buy/sell page that we got ripped off on. The page had 800 rules-none to actually protect the buyer. Next I joined a local "...Free speech/thought" page--and noticed my posts getting deleted. When I argued this logic-I got deleted. Time # three - I joined a "rants and raves page"-- I would pick topics that everyone might not agree on, and discuss them to see every ones view-- Again my posts were being deleted--When I asked for the admins definition of a "rant"-a keystone of the groups definition- the group was closed-and a new one started, this one the same, minus "rants." I was not invited to the new group or allowed to join. And just last night--A group with "sound off.." in the title--that did not really want people to say what they think. Or not agree with the large truck driving syndrome founder. I have my own pages to say what I think -but don't push free speech and key words like "vent" if that has nothing to do with you page--it makes you seem like a small d*cked member of Big Brother --Just sayin'

      Because of all of this fun--again minus the fun, I am very happy that my upcoming mini trip is very near! 
In just a few daze I will be taking my first Amtrak ride to visit Mark AKA Professor Getty. Residents of Palm Springs are officially warned now! Lots of pictures to come!!  This trip is well needed. Good hikes good cigars good beverages am maybe a little bromance thrown in. Like an enema for my soul lol----This again leads me to ask why enemas come in two packs??  I am in no way saying that my wife does not need a long break---but very happy that mine is coming up -starting Sunday in fact.  :)

But why risk it??

On that same note---I can zip past tons of useless information you posted about yourself, but have
no use for lists of what foods you ate today--or pictures. 
Also to the people that do post everything---why do you than act surprised when
everyone knows all about you?   And Facebook knows more about you than anyone really should. 
It's a mystery. 

Mmmmm coffee!!

Our two babies are going to the vet tomorrow.
More on that after the scratches heal.   :)

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