Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Warning--This Material Is Not Safe For Anyone!

Everything now has 15 Warning labels
so it is just a matter of time before you see this on your pants.
The sad thing is enough people have to have this very problem, before
the company finds a need to post such a label.

**"I got a new job this afternoon while leaving the book store--
as I made the mistake of holding the door open for one customer.
Soon I was stationed diligently being a gentleman and door holder for a good hour!"**

**"The crack addict stopped me and said she would do anything for $10 dollars,  My car has never looked cleaner!"**----On that cheery note, as my buddy and I attempted to check into our motel room this afternoon, a tweeker was sitting on there bike in the way of parking.  We tried to wait for her to leave, but she mistook our actions for wanting to talk.  She came up to our truck and between face scratching, asked if we had any spare change or an extra cheeseburger in our truck.  Random if not a conversation starter for sure!  
She eyed the grocers in the back of the truck, but my buddy informed her that all of our cheeseburger cash went into buying this food, and if we did not eat all of the food, we would die.  
She considered this, and than saw something shiny in the bushes.
By the time my buddy attempted to leave the motel, she appeared out of no were and asked him the same question with no realization that they had chatted before.  

        Greeting tonight from Northern California!   Were I am enjoying a nice surprise, yes really-- were it is dumping rain outside.  Has been all day.  I realize while I lived in Washington state I might have complained about the rain and the dark and stormy nights and sky's as Snoopy might have written about.  BUT after living in the desert since June the  pitter patter of the rain hitting the ground and more importantly the cooler temperatures it brings is a very welcome feeling.  I am once again in a Motel 6 tonight typing this.  Because of there rates and, compatibility with pets, and such I have spent many a night in such a motel.  And with there nation wide remodels, the rooms usually look the same were ever I may be.  This one is actually not like the norm, and actually very snazzy.  I have also takin' many a selfie in a Motel 6 mirror.  In fact I have almost as many such pictures as of myself by a vehicle of mine with the hood up, on the side of the road-not running.  My wife and I have had many a bad trip in random vehicles we have had and have now determined that by the time we can afford a quality vehicle, the kids will be out of our house, and we will not be taking road trips!  If you do not know what a selfie is, congratulations!   I have heard that the dumb as$ word has made it into the new dictionary in a continuing effort to effectively prove that we as Americans are getting dumberer and further prove why other countries really hate us.   No matter the case, more pictures on all of this to come--and only one or tow of those will be selfies.


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If this picture is not convincing enough just watch or stay with our three kiddos for a week or so  :)

     No reason to get bad food because of a bad family member----right? 

                              I do believe they are running out of news to report on.  

That's not right 
but you know you laughed!

     Many new post coming to the Exploring pages.  Thank you for your readership, sharing of these pages, and or patience!   

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