Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sun For Everyone--If You Live Here

   Above is actually a picture I took in Bellingham, Washington  were sun is so rare, they paint it on buildings!

      Good morning to all!   And I hope it is a coffee filled morning also.  Mine is turning that way very quickly.  The more coffee I drink the faster I type these posts and the more amusing I become--at least that is how it works for me.  I read back over my posts and laugh and laugh.  I will admit when the become funniest is after I drink adult beverages-not coffee for sure.  So if my posts are putting you to sleep, like useless decaff coffee--maybe it is that time in the day for you to switch to booze!  It is five o clock some were.   Once again today-I am not going to post about the Super Bowl.  Although I might well ramble on about it.  I still really do have a full page about the game, but have not found the need to post it at this time.  

     Today as I stare out at the sunshine I smile.   The same smile that usually only appears when I see my beautiful wife for the first time of the day, or when I fart extra loudly.  I would be out on our car port typing all of this---it is covered and we have a couch out there--in the glorious sun and out doors---but I attempted that yesterday.  With all of the wind, I could not keep our wi-fi and I soon had a short paragraph and lots of anger.   By soon, I mean an hour into it.  I mention this because it is February -and by the weeksend they report shows it will be 88 outside!  Because we do not shovel sun shine in the land of the sweating sun!  So in contrast here 40 seems down right chilly.  I mostly share this because -well it makes me smile and all giddy like a school girl.  AND because most of the people I know, and that read this page-- do not live in Arizona.  And the weather is probably not near as nice.  To those of you -that are not A holes, we have a couch you can stay on and visit the warmth.   And all of that cold and snow keeping you inside, gives you ample time to roam through many of my past posts on this very page and on my other pages.  The snow is torture enough!-- you say,   fair enough.  :)

This is a picture from my home state in Wyoming.  
My goofy smile gets even bigger as I do not stare at anything close to this 
out our window.  


                                   *Pssst!   I do not think it is a secret any more.  

                         In case you did not get the memo---Valentines day is very near. 
I got the memo, and than threw it at cupid.  I have written in the past more than enough about this "holiday."

Good item marketing right there!
Although it could easily lead to this...

     These are actual signs.  I got this picture of this new thing, called the Internet--and believed it was funny, but fake for a long while.  Than while lost one day, I saw one of the actual signs.  For speed bumps on a military base.   And I had to speedily jump out of the car and take a picture of the sign to show it was real.  

Just sayin'

     Here's your sign!

So about two years ago- after eight long years of not having an actual drivers licence --and spending lots and lots of cash--and taking the driving test ---I was 
finally a legal driver again.  
And I had the mug shot from Washington to prove it.  Still do.  And amazingly I have not even gotten pulled over since I got the license to result in a real mug shot. 
Next week when we see our tax money--we have to change our truck tags over to Arizona
and get new mug shots.    Pretty fast for us considering we moved here in June.  :)

I have shown this picture before. 
But today it is my picture of the day!

This again is from Bellingham, Washington --as most of my water pictures seem to be. 
Our youngest---who just turned ten this month and our oldest--Mr Max 
are enjoying the sun for sure.  
The sun is casting an almost Erie image in this picture.  
And especially now --with so little water to be found, 
really enjoy any pictures of the bay!

Another Exploring post in the works!
But please do not hold your breath. 

I have such few readers as it is.  

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