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               Last week we all ventured to the Dragoon area once again, for some rock climbing fun.  Although we left the dogs behind this time around.  On this day we stopped at the rest area, just past the Dragoon exit and just before the exit to The Thing!  Both areas I have posted about before.  As I have mentioned before, this picture filled blog is all about Exploring Arizona and all it has to offer in fun and sights.  But our funding is very minimal at the moment, so many of the hikes focus around our new home town of Benson, Arizona.  This will change.  In the mean time I hope you enjoy each post.   This is a very new page, so please share the word and the links -so we can gain readers and comments from across this amazing state, and beyond.   Each comment -good, bad, or ugly, helps me make this a better sight for all!  


This area is about 12 miles from us but offers some great Exploring and lots of rock jumping fun
to quickly wear out the kiddos. 
The rest area also offers lots of benches, bathrooms, and even vending machines if you do not wish to
join in on the fun.
Plus there is always lots of people watching here to enjoy. 
Rocks like the above line the parking area.

And are just begging to be climbed!
A very rare picture of both of our boys together-AND looking happy.
The oldest was trying to hide behind his brother.
After I looked at this picture more-- I believe they both look more "evil" than happy.
As if happily plotting to push the other one off the rocks first.
But maybe that is just the parent in my thinking to much.
    Just  down from many of the rocks is the rest areas workers residence.  And a few heavily fenced ponds.  This is also a water treatment area.   And yes the water above is green.  A very slime mutant sludge green.  Although it is still kind of pretty.  The entire area is fenced off, around both rest areas and you have to walk a bit to get around the fences to the cooler rock formations and the open desert. 

Staying hydrated and ready to Explore!


Like here!!
The larger formations form almost cave like areas.
That are full of fun echoes. 


   The writing on the wall says "love!"   As in most places we Explore---vandals have come and gone.  Some of the art work is actually pretty neat.   If this was painted darker it might make for a nifty post card.  Although in this area de-facing the rocks is illegal.   I am not sure how one enforces this, but with all of the art work, I would say the enforcer is not to strict or crafty.

As in every hike  in this area--- magnificent mountains surround us in the distant horizon.
Each formation in this whole area is completely different and breath taking in it's own way.
Just across the way was a much taller set of hills that was calling to us. 
On this portion also very rocky   but the further to the right you look, the
easier the climb appears.  Although it still spends a lot of time going up.
Reaching the top--is far easier said than done.
For one thing from our stop-- four lanes of I-10 highway and several fences stand in the way!
I was not into playing Frogger with big rigs on this day--so we quickly loaded into our truck
and set off for the very next exit, crossed over the highway, and
turned back toward Benson.  Pulling back off at the rest area on the other side.
I have a long list of places to Explore next
But were do you think we should Explore??
Were have you been on a hike lately?
Please share your thoughts and pictures. 
The best will make it in future blog posts---giving you credit of course.
Please share on this pages comment section or at the links just below!
All new picture filled -all local blog post in the works!
Please tell your friends.  :)
Until next time
As always


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