Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Like Eggs

   If the above is true about you---I will not be seeing you on this page many more times.   You should also leave me detailed comments about what you have read here or seen me do that has offended you.  So that I can continue doing those things--after I stop laughing of course.   One of those full -hearty, villain laughs. 
And coffee fuels everything!!
  Today the boys, Butch, and I ventured just down the road to Explore some more in Dragoon.  I do believe we were on private property the entire trip, so I will not tell much about the location.   The area was full of huge rocks that allowed the boys to wear themselves out on, while practicing to be Ninjas with great skillz.    More pictures and thoughts on all of this in my next Exploring blog post.  
Butch asks
"Were are you Exploring today??"
And no, Wally World does not count.
Although each trip is truly an adventure.
I know I have posted this before.
But on today's hike as I was sweating my butt off- and getting tired watching our kiddos run around
I could not really believe it is still early January.
This is great now, what better to brag about than getting a sun tan over Christmas break.
But that only means that the true warmth is right around the corner.
The 100 daze of over 100 degree temps and all of that egg sizzling on sidewalk fun.
I have had way to many brain farts especially for some one in there early 30's.
I always used to say that was why I was such a good server---I couldn't recall sh*t!
So when I get older, like say 40  I won't recall anything. 
But I will believe the above, because I am Batman---Duh
I mean have you ever seen him and I at the same place
at the same time??

My signs and jokes are very wordy today.

I feel sorry for the future husband.
With record breaking temperatures across this great nation,
I bring you this public service announcement.....
Some what on the same topic

I will scream for ice cream

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