Friday, January 17, 2014

Two Rules For Success


        So last weeksend we found an amazing deal on a big ol honkin' BBQ grill at a garage sale and soon made it ours.   We had access to a nice one, a few months ago, but it belonged to the mother in law, AKA The Devil, and when we finally convinced her to leave-with the help of angry dogs, chickens, and the police, she took her BBQ with her.  I have long ago been banned from actual cooking in our house.  Something about making lumpy tomato soup one day while my wife was sick.  Now if my wife sees me going toward the kitchen, she steps in front of me and has me go watch TV or something equally important.  Maybe next time she is sick, I will take the soup out of the can, before I cook it.   For better or worse I am always allowed to BBQ --just not while standing in the kitchen.   Maybe I should try to cook the soup on the BBQ!?  I can tell you the spaghetti noodles fall through the grill.  Any case the other day we tested out the BBQ to make sure it made good food.   It does!  

Getting close to done.
This grill is big enough to cook half a cow at a time
or any medium sized dogs.

   Deciding what kind of sauce to use.
We eventually decided on     Both!
My helper.
  Also notice how nice it is outside!    I do believe I sun burned my face a little bit on this day.  I have BBQ'd in all kinds of winter weather, from snow storms to dumping down rain, but I have to say this is the best winter back drop for making a meal in your short sleeves and enjoying some adult beverages. 

Our youngest waiting for the grub!
We have a large covered car port and at the moment it is full of items we have up for sale.
We have enough stuff at the moment to set up a well furnished bachelor pad at the moment. 
And just a little more of the non ending saga of my mother in law---
Sadly it is still a better story than the Twilight series.
I swear it will never end. 
And although it fills lots of status on Facebook, and sections of this very blog,
the fun really never does start with this crap.  
So just recently we got a restraining order against my mother-n-law AKA The Devil--because we were sick of alllll of the crap and her attempts to contact us--Today she contacted the police-because we r having random people harass her, I think most people call them telemarketers... I so hope for laughs galore, she attempts to protest our restraining order in court next!

I am not sure what this sign even means.
But don't do it!!
  That's funny right there, no matter what part of the evolution line you are in. 
And I really really like his sign!
And the look on his face.
With tax season right around the corner,
here is the new EZ form....

   Were are you Exploring this weeksend?   We are still deciding.   I have a little work once I drag myself out of bed tomorrow, but with Mr Luther King day, we have a long weekend, and getting the kids out of the house is essential for mommy's health.   Just above is myself Exploring Sheridan, Wyoming, with my new buddy that I had just taught to sit.   It's hard to believe that was shot in "09"

Not so sunny and nice in your neck of the woods?
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Just this page has over 400 to roam through.
And just below are some of my other attempts at entertainment and
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