Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coffee For You And Me, But Mostly For Me!

I wish it was that easy.

Part of the magic that keeps our marriage alive.

       I am once again sitting at the local grease pit---enjoying people watching and most importantly the free coffee.  I always can find the cash for free.  And even a little extra for that none existent tip.  In case I have not mentioned this, or you are a smart one, and have never read my blog before--Mc Donalds across the nation are offering free small coffee's through the 26th.   With the amount I talk about the glorious mixture, I should be a paid spokes person for the event.   But I should be a lot of things.  Whatever the case, things always taste betterer when they are free. 

      As I sit here for a change I am contemplating a lot of things.   I say for a change, because my mind is usually a very blank slate when I start a blog post.   And ends with an even blanker slate.  I received a nice pay check this morning--- with working for myself at the moment, our pay is all over the board each day.  But we try to make at least $40 a day.   Today we got several pay days at once.  I am also extra angry at some relatives once again.   Nothing new, I am just trying to push all of my bad ways of paying them back out of my head.  The ideas are not necessarily bad ones, they just could easily result in big negatives for me.  I also have several discussions running on local sights.   One went south very fast, when I started to argue logic, and the other person went to attempting to be hurtful just to be hurtful.  I say attempted, because after eight years working at Wally World, one has to work much harder then them to annoy me.   If one can not back up anything they say, they should not be on an argument sight.   But what do I know.

     I also am trying to prep myself for a job interview this afternoon.  I do believe that job hunting is far worse than any actual job I have ever held.  Yes, including the eight years at Wally World.   Eight years that seemed like 13 I might add.  I am not even positive what position I am interviewing for.   I applied for three at this location.   I find interviews particularly draining, because I have interviewed potential workers before.   And I quickly try to over think all of the questions.    One place I had an interview started asking me questions, like what my favorite color was.    I was soon at a loss to what the questions had to do with being a checker at a grocery store, and they all soon seemed to be questions that would be asked on The Dating Game to me.   Needless to say I did not get that job, or a date.  I equally find myself over thinking those questions on an online job application.   The ones that rank how much you agree or disagree with a statement.  Many the same question just worded slightly differently to see if you are dumb enough to answer each differently.  I quickly start over thinking these --- and soon am stuck in a circle thought line, with no questions actually answered.  Maybe I should do those surveys before coffee, when my mind is still a happy shade of blank!?  
     Apparently I answered some of these such questions right on at least one application, because of the interview I before mentioned, coming up this afternoon.   Or I answered soooo many questions wrong, management wants to shake my hand and or use me as a case study of the perfect case book example of what not to hire.   I could tour across the nation, showing people the perfectly incorrect way to answer such questions.  And have a kool costume much like those overly sweaty workers at the dreaded Chucky Cheese- in the mouse costume.  I could be the Wascally Wrong Answering Rat or something equally as catchy. Or I just gave up and had my wife fill out all the dam tricky questions.  It is online, who's gonna tell on me?   Obviously from the above--one can determine two things---1.)  All of our kiddos want to go to Chuck Cheese very soon, so I misspoke, actually loving the place, and hoping that this plug will convince someone on there management team to send us lots of free tokens!   And B) I have way to much free time, thus thinking up all of the above random randomness.   This is good for filling blog posts, maybe not so good for those that read my blogs.   Or my wife, that spends much of that free time with me. 


As much as I try to share me love for coffee
I try to share my dislike for Wally World.
      Please note it is more politically correct to call them vertically challenged. 

This can also apply to the Super Bowl coming up!
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