Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking Back & Forward

   **"If nobody hates you, your doing something wrong."**----House the TV show.

  **"Vending machines are so homophobic. I'm so sorry my dollar is not straight enough for you!"**

   **"Both Super bowl teams are from the only two states were weed is legal-----coincidence? Suuuure Seahawks, wait till we move across the nation to win WTF!??"**----I sure hope they have more than enough munchies to cover this super bowl indeed. 

   **"So last night, my wife allowed me to go on top......
          I love bunk beds!"**

                         **"Coffee fuels my sarcasm, what fuels your stupidity??"**


        So this week through the 26th --The grease pit, AKA MC Donald's  is offering free small coffee!   Yes it is only the small size, but you can not beat the price.  Plus they offer free re-fills all the time, so even better.  I strongly believe everything tastes better, if someone else is footing the bill.   So today's random rambling comes from the local Mc F*cks.  With free Wi-Fi and coffee, I actually am almost lovin' it.  If you live in a large enough town, as in not here--and do not feel like trying for free refills all day, you can go from Mc restaurant to restaurant getting free coffee all the way.  Almost like an adventure.   


     The main thing bugging me just a little bit on todays trip here---besides the fact that this towns best place to use Wi-Fi starts with a MC, is that everyone here is connected, but not really.  Not that they are all related to each other, something that could also be true, but that's for another blog post, one for just before we move out of this area.  But on the computer, on there phone --etc.   I am also guilty of this --finding myself on Facebook, much more than I wish to be.   As I walked in I spotted a couple in the corner --both sitting side by side, holding hands, clicking with there mouse with the other hand, both on separate laptops.   My wife and I are guilty of this, we sit across the room at home, or house and send each other dumb jokes and such.   Any time you go to a function, I believe it is ruined by all the people running around with cell phones glued to there ears either trying to figure out were at the event there buddies are.   Kind of like a cheating/un fun version of playing were's Waldo or Marco-Polo, while Exploring.  Although you are mostly missing the fun.  The other phone users seem to be explaining everything that is going on, to the person on the other end of the phone.   Someone that always appears to be very interested in deep, loud descriptions, or is newly blind.   I would  like to slowly cut back my usage of all such devices, but am sitting here typing this blog while happily guzzling free coffee-so sue me.  But please wait until I get off my cell phone to start the court process. 

    **Just got a phone call from my long lost best buddy--Professor Getty Many of you know him as Mark Hyde he will also be my best man when April & I renew our vows next year. I smell a road trip coming up! Happy day **-----
        So I have had this crazy friend for years---- we have worked together, and been on many a hike, that was far from a good idea.   About a year and a half ago-he came to visit my wife and I in Washington.   Her and I were going through a huge drawn out fight---and Mr Getty found it safer to stay at a motel instead of at our house.   I have not heard from him since.   Last we had heard he was in San Diego, a place I had never been, and with taxes I was planning an Exploring/ wheres Waldo type of trip.   Last night--I found his long held e mail address and gave him our phone number.   And low and behold he called me during his break from work.    Luckily too, because he no longer lives in San Diego.   We found out his current location may be short lived, but is even closer to our new home.  And an inexpensive, short-ish Amtrak ride from here.   So I will hopefully have a new picture filled adventure to share.  He is talking about moving back up to Washington state.  A place that has drawn me 4 separate times, and him multiple times.   Plus further proof that any friends and family of mine, spend our time in an endless loop circuling the globe --- cross country from each other.   Pausing to meet up every few years. 



Today we are going to celebrate the kiddos having no school-by going on an Exploring hike.
So I will have new pictures and such to share very soon.
If it is not full on sun shine and shorts weather were you live,
please check out our past adventures in blog posts past!  
Were are you Exploring today??
Proof it gets cold in Arizona.    Kingman, AZ---we got reduced rent because the heater was not hooked up--and froze our butts off.   This was the same year we saw it snow in Las Vegas and thought the end of the world was coming!  
This is actually today's picture of the day--too!
If you do not know were Kingman is,
You should keep it that way!
This was at least five years ago.   And although Kingman is still ranked
the worse place I have ever lived in my very boring book--we still had some great times there. 
I can not tell you about most of them, because I have blocked them out of my memory banks!
But we have loads of pictures to remind us of the best times. 
My wife and I looked at many of them last night.
And marveled at how many great times there really were.
We also marveled at how many pictures we had. 
And mostly at how small the kiddos used to be. 
And how small my belly used to be!
Exploring Lake Havasu
Our youngest will be 10 tomorrow. 
On the London Bridge.  
Several years ago.
I know it's every ones job to change and grow up-but
with all three nearing the teen years
and our oldest already almost taller than my wife and I
they just need to stop for a little while. 

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