Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Time & A Blast In Tombstone

         I wish to continue to thank everyone for there support of this page!   It is my third such blog page-and although I would like to say I have learned some things along the way--you can't always teach old dogs new tricks.   My mother and past English teachers cringe collectively every time I publish a new blog post I am sure.   At some point this page will continue to take us and than you the reader across this entire great state.   But our funding at the moment hardly allows us to actually eat some weeks.  We have lived and Explored many areas of the state in the past, including Sedona and Flagstaff, but I wish to keep my posts as new and fresh as possible.   So I do not add this trips here.  Years ago we lived in Florence, Queen Creek, Flagstaff, and Kingman.  But again I really do not want these older trips in my new page.   Many of these areas I hope to visit again-with the exception of Kingman.   I have lived a lot of places, and consider this the worse place we/I have ever lived.  In fact we now call the area -the Devil's Crotch.  If you do not understand, you have never lived or been through the area.  In fact while we lived there my sister was going on a major hike in nearby Sedona--and would not come to visit us in Kingman, just because of all the bad things she had heard about the area.   I had said none of these bad things.   So as I have said before--the trips and Exploring for now are very local to were we now live.  If you would like to read something more thrilling and would like to increase our finances---please contact me today!  ;)

                                       Myself at the first Starbucks ever in Seattle, WA

      Today I ventured clear up to the Benson McDonald's for coffee and free Wi-Fi.   I believe I have complained about this before, but the area has no good coffee joints and basically no places  with free Internet.   We have Wi-Fi through our whole house, and a laptop that greatly enjoys the hanging out on the couch on our front car port.  But a greater part of my past blogs have been written while out, and guzzling coffee.   Maybe I am just spoiled from living in Washington for so long.   Were there is a new --great coffee joint about every five feet.   Littearly.   Several of my entire past blogs, were just ranking local coffee joints in Washington.  And I must say it was a ruff job!   I have passed a few nearby--in Bisbee and such that look great, but have not had the time to stop on those days.  So far at least in Benson, and Tucson AZ I have been majorly disappointed.   One Starbucks worker did not even know what a "drip" coffee was!   Anyways I hope a full post comes soon of decent local places to have coffee--but not today.    I will stop rambling and or complaining for today--and git on with the actual post!   Which finds us once again in Tombstone, AZ. 

Tombstone, AZ
I have not yet tried the coffee or atmosphere here-but how could one go wrong!??
Coffee, beer, Wyatt Earp, AND Tombstone!

I have said it before-but this town has one of the best slogans, EVER!

    We find ourselves in Tombstone quite a bit.   And it is always a blast!   The town is close and if you plan things right, it does not cost to much to visit.  We have already done all the touristy expensive stuff.  PLEASE roam through my old posts on this very page for much more on Tombstone!!   Just after Christmas my sister came through for a visit.   She had never meet my beautiful wife or our children before.   I live in a very close family-for sure, in writing.   We all seem to constantly circle the globe --always keeping several miles and states apart.   A few summers ago was the first time myself and my two brothers were in the same location in 20+ years!   We quickly decided on Tombstone being a great place for her to sight see. 

My cool sister & I.
     The town was still decked out in it's Christmas best.  And just down from this spot-many free events were going on.   From public hangings to gun fights. 
Even the wild life was in the spirit!
I have many pictures of this great building.
The old courthouse and the smallest national park in the US.
Every time we go to the town I snap more pictures of the landmark. 

   On this visit the kids found an indoor shooting range of sorts.   I would rather be out shooting glass bottles -but that is not an option at the moment for us.  I think the oldest two had fun-although I kept trying to get them to aim for the ceiling lights. 

Such concentration.
Than it was time again to visit Boot Hill and the cemetery. 
Again I have several past posts from this amazing little town.
Please check them out and share the links!!
After all of that shooting and Exploring it was time for a big meal
back in Benson  at Denny's!
Group shot after we ate--and had overly full bellies!
Food is good!
Today's un-official official spotlight local business goes to Denny's
Each post I try to pick a business that goes above and beyond in customer service.
The place does not sponsor or pay me to promote them--and probably does not even know about my recommendations.  
It seems that finding even good service is so rare---that I wish to promote any great service we see.
This does not just go to the local Denny's   but every one we have visited in our travels.   When most places cut back food portions--they always give you a full plate of food--quickly and across the country it consistly tastes the same.  Plus there building makes for a great back drop for pictures!
**If you live in the Benson area---all kiddos go back to school tomorrow--Monday --morning!
Just in case your kids destroyed that memo
And all the local parents rejoice!**

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