Wednesday, April 18, 2012


       Tonight I start with my picture of the day.  A picture I actually took today!  This is on Commercial Street in downtown Bellingham a few blocks from the bay.  I was very disappointed to learn that the sign does not lead to a coffee shop anymore.  Not that there are not coffee joints every were around here.  I have learned that I am very near the obsessed point with coffee and items relating to it.  Especially after looking at past blogs and Facebook posts.   MANY seem to deal with the dark brew of the gods.  In fact entering coffee in the key word search for all my blogs brought up over 120 results. 

                     **"It's always a great time for coffee!"**-------  I saw this on a sign in front of a coffee shop today.  Who'd of thunk!  Unfortunately my trusty camera was running out of juice, and I could not snap a shot of the sign.  This is not always true, but almost always. 

    Maybe it does not produce art, but this is a huge part of the processes for every blog  right there!

      And now a brief rewind on the calender to Easter and this obvious victim....

    A few things, now that you mentioned Easter.   We watched the movie Hop a few daze back, and it was highly entertaining.   Through watching possibly to much TV, I now offer a couple of pointers for those of you with children, you can borrow next year.   The first is to place eggs inside the prongs of a whisk and than dunk them in the food coloring.  It keeps the eggs in place and keeps every ones hands just flesh colored.  The 2nd is to take some of the many plastic eggs you have laying around the house,  fill them with rice crispy treats, leaving a hole in the middle.   Than place M & M's inside the crispy egg so they rattle when shakkin. 

   **"When I say I drive like lightning, it's not because I drive fast. It's because I hit a lot of trees."**---I could very well be a licenced driver again by next month.  So if you walk to work, learn how to run fast.

**"I was given 4 E’s and LSD last night…
What an awful start to a game of scrabble"**

   **"I don't mind having a "kick me" note stuck on my back, but a "wash me" note, that really is mean ;)"**

      Although I am on Facebook way to much, I personally can not stand Twitter.  
  I bet this guy made bank......

                                                        But you already all knew this!

  I am working on actually being productive every day.  With my blogs and in most aspects of life.  But most of the time, this is my sign for sure.

  Everything around is yelling out spring time.  And everyone loves it.  Unless you are an allergy suffer.    When the only reason your yard is green, is from all of the weeds blooming, you know it is spring time.   Or if your yard is allll yellow.   This yard is near Cornwall Park.  And all of the yellow is dandelions.

   I had several firsts for the season any way in the last few weeks.   April and I went to the first farmers market downtown two Saturdays ago.   As always it was a great experience and a large portion of the town got to enjoy the sights and sounds and some sunshine.   More on that in a future blog.   I also mowed our lawn for the first time of the year.  I always enjoy the smells and little beads of sweat built up from the effort.   Once upon a time I had a lawn service called the Lawn Ranger.   And hope to be able to do something similar very soon.  Because if nothing else, I am a very good boss.   If I do say so myself.  On the topic of work, for any of you taking notes.  I have been making some cash off line from random jobs and selling items.  And I just applied at The Olive Garden today.   The last first of the season is my personal favorite.  We have enjoyed bbq food four times already this year.   This early in the year you also get to enjoy wind, rain, and some snow as you cook. 
                                           Burger King doesn't have anything on me.

   With spring also comes my wife's birthday!   She once again turned 28 today.  When we repeat ages it makes it easier for me to recall! 
  April usually is in charge of every ones birthdays, so I was kind of nervous about taking control of everything for our little party.  Above is the cake, in case you didn't get the memo. 

                            Here is Max thinking he is going to get some cake.

                           Here is Max after he learned he was not getting any cake.

                                                 Cheers!  to the birthday girl!

                                    The bouncer and our bbq cook for the night

                 An effort to include and or emberas the in-laws all at one time. 

     And how you know it was a rockin party.....

    My wife's new bumper sticker, now we just need to put getting a vehicle into overdrive.

     So every time I get a little discouraged about life or things in general.  I have to say, here, this hasn't been a problem in awhile.  I am in a very good mind set and point in my life.  But for years people kept telling me that all life could do, was go up and get better from were I was.  And it just kept getting worse some how.  This went on for three years straight I think.  Anyways, stop distracting me.   When I get discourage I think of a homeless person that used to roam Bellingham.   He had three shopping carts full of his treasures.  He would spend his days pushing them around town.  Because one shouldn't be far from there treasures or loved ones.  Anyways, he would push one cart about two blocks up the sidewalk.  Go back and get his 2nd cart.  Push it up to the first.  And repeat till they were all lined up again, and than start over again.  He would not tie the carts together.  He kept busy and productive and was an amazing worker.  Although I am not sure what he was working for.  He also was very protective of his carts.   Get near him, and you could learn some new cuss words.  Get closer and you could learn some new fight moves, before he knocked you out.  I should have written a resume for him.  Although it wouldn't take long to catch back up with him, at his rate.   I am not sure if this gives you any inspiration at all, but just writing and picturing him makes me smile bigger.  And find comfort in the fact that even in the darkest times, there is hope.  And home really is were you are.

   In closing I would like to ramble about a conversation I had the other night.   A few ex Wally World workers were talking about how many W's are in the last sentence.  We were talking about how Wally World used to offer shrinks to any workers that thought they needed them, at greatly reduced rates or roll backs.  BUT you had to go to a shrink picked by the box store giant.   I highly doubt that any doctor on there list could help anyone I know.   Even the people farthest from being nick named Loony Tunes!    And the two of us soon decided that we would be better to save our cash and ask online, what you the reader thought our problems were.   I do not have enough free time for you to list allll of my problems.    But kind of realized that is actually what I do in many a blog.   I vent and ramble and complain.  And it is amazingly calming for me.   I do the same thing on Facebook way to much also.   With the main difference being, you have to come to this page to read my thoughts.   They do not just appear on your screen like on Facebook.  You choose to click on this page, so your thoughts and input are very important to me.  


  1. that bouncer looks like a punk

  2. lol It dosn't take much to be a birthday party bouncer