Friday, April 13, 2012

**Mini Rant #13---Sidewalks**

   And with Friday comes my "mini rant!"  Today it really is a short one.   Two things first.  I wish to post one of my favorite mini rants, so far.   Mostly because I really enjoy coffee.  And don't enjoy people that keep me from my morning brew.

And B:  I really enjoy that my 13th mini rant lands on Friday the 13th.  No matter how superstitious
Bad luck for this coffee?
you are, your fate is still your fate. 
But I do feel a little more at ease now that the
day is almost over.

    OK and now for the rant.   This one kind of ties into my last one about leash less dogs.  Mostly because all of my outings lately involve sidewalks.  The name even has the purpose of the sidewalk in it!   While I am walking on the sidewalk, I hate to have to dodge bicycles.  Especially in Fairhaven, a town I rarely have complaints about.  90% of the town  *this percentage is made up, please note* has bike trails.   Trails the city maintains very nicely, and paid thousands of dollars to put in.   With these bike lanes, I should not have to dodge bikes while on the sidewalk.  Weather I am walking our dog, or carrying groceries home.  I never know for sure if a biker is coming up behind me.  And if I do have the dog, I have to attempt to get him and myself out of the way.   Usually very quickly, and usually followed by an attitude from the biker, whose way I seem to be blocking.  I can see if the person on the bike is very little, the bike lanes are very close to traffic.  But for the rest of you, get off my

      **"Birthdays are good for you.  The more you have, the longer you live."**

                           **"Save the Earth......It's the only planet with chocolate!"**

                                           **"Never buy a car you can't push."**

                                                    Every ones happy to be seeing sun.

                                                 Very helpful sign on the piers in Seattle.

    Next month my 2nd blog will start.   All about Bellingham and Whatcom county.  With a large serge in readers to this blog, I hope to gain reader input in both blogs.  So today I ask you all, for a good title for the 2nd blog.   It will mainly focus on my hikes around the area, cheap activities, night life, day trips, and such.    Please send me any ideas.  And as always pass on this sight if you enjoy it.   My readership is growing a ton over the last few weeks.  And I thank you all!

    I have noticed a few things this week.   There are small lean too/shelters all around town.   Many can be found in the woods around WWU.  I posted one near the coast in yesterdays blog.  And the following one is in Blaine, WA near the Canadian border, Aye!

 This also makes me wonder if the large structure, complete with lookout tower can be found along the bay line nearish the airport?  I have been that way, but it was years ago.  It was a sight and supposedly started in WWII.  Any readers have any knowledge?

    I have also noticed that I have an awful lot of gray hair on my head.   People that know me well, rarely see me without a hat on, now you know why.  

  During my exploring I have also noticed that there are bits or RR tracks all around town.  Tracks that are not used anymore.  But have been left, mostly intact.   I now want to film as many of these as I can find.   To be my new fascination.   Lately I take a ton of pictures of clouds, trees, and of course the water.

  These pieces are near the bay line in Fairhaven.
   This picture I have posted before.  It is one of my favorites by far.  And is Today's picture of the day.   This is hidden away in the woods between Falls Park and Lake Whatcom.   I feel it also shows most peoples future.   They are never sure what is around the next turn.  Especially if they are fool enough to make plans.  And the leap over this broken part of track could lead to great things, or a down fall.   Either track will lead to great life lessons and each piece of the track makes up a part of your past, taking you to the future.   Without all of my pieces of the past, I would not be me.   Most people would be happy with a different me I am sure.  But Faa! on them.   
Why yes officer, it is hands free!  

Yet another bad thing to say to the police.  My all time worse was still asking the motorcycle cop that just pulled me over for not wearing a seat belt.  Were his seat belt was. 

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  1. How did you spend your Friday the 13th? And did you survive?