Thursday, April 19, 2012


  It's official Dick Clark died yesterday at the age of 82.  Although if you watched TV the last few New Years, it might be argued that he died years ago.  He looked and sounded a ton like a robot last year.  How are married couples all around the US going to celebrate watching the ball drop now? 

   Yes because the end of the world doesn't come until this December.   Or maybe next.  We have already made it past several doom & gloom dates this year.   Dang you Mayans!  For not finishing your calenders.  

    **"What's long and hard and has cum in it?........
A cucumber. But I like the way you think!"**

    **"Someone came up to me and said get a life...I smacked them round the head and said get a helmet."**

      **"My Mother in Law went camping last week where she stumbled upon 4 Grizzly bears, luckily the bears managed to play dead long enough for the scary beast to walk away."**----Bob Lucas

And Today's super helpful hint follows!

Now I offer two great links I hope you take the time to look at.
The first is a new video with a great song.  I used to work with one of the artists at Wally World many moons ago.  And he has always been supportive of my blogs.  He is defiantly making his way up in the North West ranks as an artist.  Although I must say my parents and sensitive ears should avoid clicking on this link.

My next link tonight comes from my wife.  She has recently started her own wonderful blog.  And here is the link.   I hope you all check it out and give her support.  I really like this one, because we all go through tons of changes in life.  It's the ones that take it all in stride and quickly rebound that make it through life the easiest. 

Speaking of support---I have witnessed a huge surge in readers to this blog over the last few weeks.  I thank all of you for this.   And hope that I continue to entertain and surprise you in the weeks and months to come. 

      I have recently found out that I need hernia surgery soonish.  I also do not seem to have any insurance or easy ways of getting any.  So the above picture sounds good to me.  Unless Costco starts doing surgeries.   Some targets are already offering doctors.  So this might be the next logical step.  Costco type stores should at least offer heart attack doctoring.   After offering large econo size packages of everything.  From toothpicks to the now small 33 packs of pop tarts.  You can find them right next to the large tub of lard.   *Please note, do not ask the large sized worker were the tubs of lard are!    I will devote an entire blog to  way larger people very soon.  I believe the PC term is big-uns!   You can easily identify them by not being elderly or disabled and riding an electric cart, checking there diabetic levels at the break table while holding the family bucket from KFC, and sitting on the curb in the sun and making there own gravy.   As I said this rambling is for another day.  And you are welcome for the visuals, now stuck in your brain!

               Today's picture of the day ----is in the middle of Cornwall Park.
Thanks to this fire hydrant is the park ever starts on fire---the trees will all be saved!    Forget that the river wanders through most of this park.   This is a large park.  That offers some great woods to play in and of course the water.   And is easily one of my favorite parks in town.   I am going to do a full blog about the best parks in town, at least in my eyes.   But do not have the pictures yet.  

     Water is always very calming.  And we are surrounded by it in Washington for sure. 
Any guesses were I was when I took the above picture?        Please check out tomorrows blog for the answer!

     Tomorrow finds me venturing to Seattle for the day.  My wife has some doctoring to go to, and we had to be very selective who to have drive us.   Not because we are worried about bad drivers, but because of the date.  4/20 has many a meaning to many in the region.  Being an old or new hippie.   Like many things, I don't really care what the celebrater believe or do, as long as they don't push it on me.  **OK I care a lot, if they are driving or around my family.   I can say that I recently watched my share of "stoner" shows.  And have written a few past blogs about the topic.  I also really got into the show Weeds.  Finding it very addicting.   A suburban mom loses her husband and starts to sell pot to make ends meet.   Things get worse fast and every episode.   Although I can't yet tell you how her family and her make out because we have not watched the last two seasons yet.  I say we, because I got my wife interested in the show also.  So, whatever you are doing tomorrow, I wish you a great day!  

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