Monday, April 23, 2012

Roaming Cornwall Park

                                                      Peaceful spot in Cornwall Park

    With the sun finally starting to appear before lunch time each day, I have been getting in some great exploring time around town.  I hope to expand on this through the summer.  And put many of the posts in my new blog, just about the joys of Bellingham.  These trips will get better when we get a vehicle, and feel we can afford gas.  It also allows me to snap some great pictures.  Here are what I feel are the best of the best from my exploring for the last about five years.  From Wyoming, to Washington, to Arizona.   Please let me know what you think of these pictures.   Or anything else that I post on here. 

   Last week a buddy and I wandered around in Cornwall Park.  This is a larger park, and offers many types of entertainment.   Starting with the river that wanders through much of the park.   If you enter the park off of the Guide the water is one of your first sights.  Maybe the large playground first.  Complete with shooting water fountains in the summer time.  A large covered seating area is just beyond the first playground complete with restrooms, many tables, and even a sink.  Sit on one of the many benches while you gain energy to explore more.  Water is very calming, but watching it makes you need to use the restroom a lot.  At least that is the effect on me.   This also answers my were am I picture post from April 19th for those of you that were waiting with baited breath for the answer!  I apologize for the delay in the reveling the answer.   Or do I?

  Just across the wooden bridge there are many trails to explore that roam through the surrounding woods.  If you have not noticed yet, I love pictures of water, and find Washington the perfect place for such shots. 

   Check out some more trails, or enjoy a game of Frisbee golf.  Another playground can be found on the other side of the bridge.  Also another set of restrooms and a full sized horse shoe area. 
My friend after he found he couldn't fit in the swing.
Him again either showing off, or looking for grubs.

    Yet another make shift shelter.  This one was by the horse shoe pit.  One of the simpler ones I have stumbled across.  But still interesting.   These can be found all around town.  Especially on the bay line and in the woods around WWU.

  This fire hydrant in the middle of the park, will be very helpful if the forest ever starts on fire.  And Smokey The Bear is busy.  I find it amusing, but I am from Wyoming, and very easily entertained. 

  Part of the large horse shoe area is visible behind this all natural planter.   Trails will take you all the way to the hospital if you desire.  Or maybe took a little to long of a hike that day.  But those trails I find very boring.   And go through a lot of basically swamp land. 

And now a rare shot of me ---I am usually to busy taking the shots to be in any of them. 
   I am happy in this picture, because I have a chip!    I believe I started hugging the tree right after this picture was shot. 

   A very poofy cloud.   I also am fascinated with cloud and tree pictures at the moment.  This is over the park.  But the very close bay, allows for some amazing cloud pictures.  You can usually get the clouds and the water in the same shot.   Wich makes for great shots almost every time. 

    I really enjoy time in this park.  And it is in my top 5 parks to visit in the area.  I will very soon list and talk about my favorite parks.   I rank the trails around the park about a 3.  Mostly because it is very accessible, but offers some great scenery and picture opportunity's.  But find most of the trails overly boring for my enjoyment.   Please glance at this past blog---for my personalized hike rank scale and thoughts on hikes in general.

     And now to guess were I was exploring with our oldest, Joseph on Saturday. 

   No surprise this area greatly involves water.   I did not doctor this shot in any way.  The light was just extra working with me this day.   Any guesses where we were??  
I will revel the answer in my next blog.

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