Saturday, April 14, 2012

If Your Reading This, You Also Survived Friday The 13th! Have A Cookie!!

      Hello and good morning to all!    As I was sitting here guzzling coffee and reading some of my past blogs, I decided it was time to write today's action packed blog!   Decided it was time to write today's blog.  Decided it was time to write down some caffeine induced rambling.   See how the writing process really works!?  

     When this Geico commercial was airing, I used to run around my past work place yelling  "weeeeee!"   I have to say it is hours of fun.  Please pretend it is Friday and I posted this on the correct day.    "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Distracted?   Good.

       **"Next time you're in a hospital elevator, calmly ask a stranger if they know what floor you should get off at for deadly infectious diseases."**

    **" I had to become poor all on my own you know?  I wasn't born with a plastic spoon in  my mouth!"**----Eric Cartman

           **"Yesterday I went to the corner store, and bought four corners."**

                      **"What happens if you scare yourself half to death, twice?"**----Sign in front of fire station.

      **"I could very well have a drivers lic again by next month! Its been 8 years of not being legal. lol Happy day, but it will make us poor :("**--- Also soon to really hit the pocket books, will be my hernia surgery.  So far I can't seem to get on any insurance.  But both are very important to accomplish soonerer than laterer.  Both will be talked about in future blogs I am sure. 

   Good advice for all.   Have you noticed how feel people wash there hands when they leave a restroom?   At least in the mens restroom.

  So the other day while leaving the grocery store, I came across someones debit/credit card.  After the first impulse to go on a shopping spree, I returned the card to the persons bank.  So that they could get it back to the owner.   I have lost my card before, and managed to loose a nice sum of cash before it was reported lost, by myself.   Mainly because few places actually check ID.  Always write check ID on the signature part of your card.  And get on any clerk that does not actually do so.   This person also had his picture on the front of the card.   A luxury well worth it.  Although my picture on my card is not a welcome sight in most stores, I am very sure.   At the moment the joke would be on anyone ending up with our bank cards.  Because I believe we owe the banks money.   Maybe the stealer could be forced to take over our debts?  

                        Today's picture of the day is actually a recent picture. 

  A few weekends back I had some free time to kill while waiting for my wife to get to Seattle.  So I roamed around trying to find some pictures.   The Space Needle is always a great building to take pictures of.  But I love the way it is outlined in this reflection.   There is much to do around the building.   And if you can afford the price, the view from up top, is amazing.  Long ago I had breakfast in the restaurant at the top.  The dinning room slowly spins.  So your view is always changing.  The ticket was not close to cheap though.   I believe the eggs were like $12 a piece.   A picture filled blog just about the Seattle trip really is coming soon.  

                                  And now for you to guess were I was exploring.

  Again an easy one.   Although this is not in Bellingham.  The answer in my next blog. 

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  1. Very close to 6600 blog views! Any guesses were I was exploring in todays picture? I have not heard any thoughts from my mom latly.......