Thursday, April 12, 2012

Down By The Bay

   Especially after spending so much time in a land locked state, *Wyoming, with only a lake or two around me for sources of seeing water, I find myself down by the water all the time while on my exploring trips now.  Or while walking the family dog.  I have several past posts about roaming near the bay--and some of these pictures are from past trips, but I like them.  With no vehicle at the moment, my trips so far are mostly based around Fairhaven.  In minutes I can be down by the water.  Enjoying the views and seeing if the tide washed anything overly kool.  With a bus pass and a drivers license, my trips will venture further and bigger I am sure.

   As soon as we get near the water Max feels an urge to jump in.  I am sure even with the fur, the water can not be close to warm.  And often wander how far out he would wander, if I let go of his leash.  But whatever floats his boat. 
   It is a quick walk from the active town square of Fairhaven, down past the train depot, to the bay.   Or take a quick right on the trail behind Eclipse Books and head toward Boulevard Park.  This also leads to one of my favorite spots The Woods in Boulevard park.   I might have mentioned it before.  The location is multi leveled and has a fireplace.  The coffee joint also shares some stunning views around sunset time, that would put any TV to shame!   The narrow trail raises you above a little bit, for some great views of the bay.  Including were the cruise ships dock and a Coast Guard docking area.  The trail open into the roadway.    And you can soon spot this sign just before some old warehouses.  Both also make for some great pictures.
Below but before the water is the railroad tracks.  It is a poor place to hang out, if you ask any train conductor, but can also lead to some great adventures.   If you follow the tracks far to the left you reach Teddy Bear Cove and beyond.  I have talked about this before, but again, please note:  This cove is a very popular place for nude sun bathers.  Mostly older males it is popular for.  So you might want to detour well around the cove.  Or buy bleach to get the images out of your eyes.  The rail road tracks are defiantly not a place to play chicken with the trains.  Although it makes for a great country song.

Just past the tracks, you can explore the tide pools and such.
Find a long lost treasure the tide just brought in.  Play in the water.  Look for crabs.  Or look for shelters.   I have noticed these shelters all over Bellingham.  This one was by the water and had a beer bottle for a flag.  *Although this is sadly not visible in my picture.

The boardwalk is beautiful in itself.  And takes you all the way into Bellingham and Boulevard Park.  This is under the boardwalk.

    I have been away from the area for almost a year now, but this fine sculpture was new to me.  Keeping watch and forever dancing over the bay.

A most enjoyable journey ventures down the wooden boardwalk.  And it is amazing how peaceful & calming all that water really is. 

 Grab some coffee and rest or warm up a bit inside.  Or continue your stroll down the water line. 
Venture past the railroad tracks and you eventually end up in the heart of Bellingham.  Or follow one of the many trails up & above the beautiful bay. 

                    The newly painted, huge welcome sign.  On State Street. 

                 Enjoy some coffee with friends while you look over the bay.
I hope you enjoy some of these pictures even half as much as I enjoyed taking them or my daze out and about.   Plus it was actually sunny most of the time I was roaming.  And who says I wouldn't make a great tour guide?   
                                                        Happy Trails!!!

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  1. Were is your favorite place down by the bay to hike? Were do you think I should hike next?