Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dig It Deeper

   Today is all about rambling.  I know nothing new there.  I am looking for a new picture to go along with the title.   What do you all think?  I am also still looking for a great name for my 2nd blog.  This will be all about Bellingham and what to do here and see.   This blog launches next month.  In case you have still not gottin the memo.  Please give me some input. 




Maybe it should deal with coffee.  I do talk about that from time to time also.  Or just be a picture of my overly beautiful self.

Maybe this shot that describes good times for sure?

 Or lastly this picture---because I sooo enjoy a good hike or almost any exploring.   Any thoughts???
On this topic, I have several roaming blogs coming up.
About my recent exploring.  And that share were I was exploring two blogs back.  And never shared sadly for you.   Please be patient with me.  

Speaking of coffee!  Some new pictures to this blog on the subject.

The next one is not new, but seems to be my morning routine.  Sadly enough

    I need an intervention from coffee and Facebook.  Maybe I can start one online!
Yesterday was 4/20.  I hope you stayed safe.   Residents in Oregon used to try to make marijuana legal all the time, but than they would take a break from getting supporters.  And soon forget what they were fighting for.  Than after a bag or two of potato chips, they would go home and watch Sponge Bob on TV.  

   That's funny right there I don't care who you are. Plus I'm not working so a test would be a surprise.

   And now some "fun" facts brought to you from the fine facts at Readers Digest.  A bathroom favorite book for me, for years!

**"A nice way to fire people is by throwing them a surprise going away party."**
   I learned at Wally World, while playing manager, that one should never fire a worker on a Monday.  They might easily return to work overly angered and go postal on everyone.  Fridays were a much better day to fire someone, because they could than look forward to having a weekend with now work, and be able to party alllll weeksend.    Thank goodness for Wally World management 101!   And for this letter

Tomorrow is Earth Day.

  And now for tonight's picture of the day.   A picture I actually took.   And hope you enjoy.
   This is in downtown Fairhaven.   And makes me wander were Superman is.  It also gives me an urge to change my clothes in it.  I do become invisible when I am nude!  And people always pay me well to put my clothes back on.   Have you noticed how impossible it is to find a pay phone now a days?   Phone books are about to become a thing of the past.  With smart phones and the Internet.  Encyclopedias are going out of print very soon now.   All is kind of sad.   But I get over the sad feeling, when I try to actually look up a number in a phone book.   It takes 12 times longer than looking the number up online.   My dad worked for Mountain Bell when it was still a phone company for over 30 years.   That is amazing.   Now it just feels like you are on hold that long when you try and contact a live person at the phone company.  Of course the company has merged 20 times, this year.   And most of the workers now work in Ohio trying to sound like they live in your state and or country.  
   The next few blogs we explore Bellingham  with lots of pictures.   I hope you enjoy.

                                                       And as always----HAPPY TRAILS!!

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