Friday, April 20, 2012

**Mini Rant #14**-----Right!!?

   If you wake up to this in the morning it is a sure fire sign --that you are going to have a bad day.  Hide under the covers for the rest of the day, or work on your Karma!   It is once again Friday, so it is again time for my "mini rant!"    This makes rant number 14.  Feel free to read them all if you are inclined. 

    Today's rant was going to be about people from the North West that wear Berkinstocks and socks in the rain.  But decided that really wasn't a rant.  Although it still erks me.  And looks beyond  I will refrain from stomping on any ones feet who wears the combo, mostly because I would wear myself out.  The style void/soggy fad is as much a part of this area as rain and coffee.  Or Banana slugs.  Huge slugs that hate salt and beer.  The slugs *and Berkinon/sock wearers,  look amazingly fun to stomp on---they are not!   Squishing them forms a goo on the bottom of your shoe 12 times worse than any gum ever invented.  This goo remains on your shoe for exactly a week.  And never really fully washes off.  This is annoying, but still not today's rant.
    This one sticks with the exploring/walk theme I have been on lately.  When you are enjoying a trail, and someone finds the urge to yell  "right!!" when they are inches from passing you.  This is always annoying.  And usually scares the crap out of me.  Especially if I am in an extra peaceful area enjoying the sights, or simply trying to snap a picture.  When I walk by myself, I try to stay off of trails, because well trails are boring.  But when I am on a trail, I stay as far over as possible at all times.  Joggers and such find the urge to yell "Left" as they pass.   Why?  I can see you pass me.  And there is a whole trail beside me for you to pass in.  Usually it alarms me, enough that I almost jump into the joggers path.  Is this so I know what side you are coming up on, so I can suddenly jut my let out and trip your lame ass?  
      Why does this not apply were it is really needed, like in super markets and Wally World?  My goal in such evil stores, is to get  my crap and get out.   And I usually can not zip through the store because of all the obstacles.   Including, but not limited to, very large people-- dangerous electric cart drivers---and entire family's that find the urge to walk side by side by side by side by side down the isles.  At a pace one would have to draw a chalk line on the ground in front to them, to verify they are actually moving.  These great people could only take up more room in the isles by turning there cart completely sideways and than themselves laying down in the middle of the isle!  Cars also do not need to beep or yell out when they pass each other.  Because the drivers, most of the drivers, watch out for the huge balls of metal zooming around them.   Surprise--- I am aware of most of the other trail users.  Especially if you are out of shape, and breathing heavily down the trail as you jog, or venture away from your comfy couch in general. 
   The ONLY time I am on a trail and would "love" a heads up that you are rapidly ready to pass me, is when I am with our dog, Mr McMutley.  Than I can understand you, yelling and or panting out "left!" because we kind of take up the whole trail.  
     I add no pictures of Mc Mutley today because I now realize I have not asked his permission to post any images of him.  Earlier I attempted to ask, but he thought I said the W word, and started running and jumping around the house.   He was now ready for a walk!   I responded with "We will go later, and roam forever."   And he started jumping more.   I said "Wait, later!"   Why do I keep using "W" words?   And he was heading for the leash, eyes fixed on the front door.   "Wtf!  I never said the W word, and we will go later!"    More freakin "W" words!   Now I  attempt to distract Mutley with some doggy treats and try to get him to lay down.   He gulps down the snacks and remains very near the door, not even close to laying down.   "Daddy is tired, and can't take you for a Walk right .....     As Max goes nuts, I realize this time I said the W word, and there is no cure until we actually go on a walk, and get "Left!!?" yelled at us at least 22 times.

If you feel there is any other reasons to yell "left!"-----Please share.    Or if you actually agree with any of the above rant----PLEASE contact me. 

A very mini rant here about the above.

I know all kinds of people that abuse the system. Something about living in housing, gets you surrounded by some of the worst abusers around.   This only takes away from people that really need it.  Because we can't provide for all of the abusers, things like food stamps are getting imposable to get, no matter how sad your sob story is.  Even if you are calling in your sob story on a new IPhone. 
When I first moved to Wyoming, I was overly poor.  I soon landed a job and was living in a not cheap motel.  I was getting paid $2.25 an hour.  Because I was a server, and living in a tourist trap of a town, I got tons of over time with the arrival of summer.   With all that over time, the state told me I would lose my food stamps.  Yes I was making awesome tip cash, but even with mucho over time, I was not making $5.00 an hour.  
    Yes I chose to be a server--or it chose me. 
But I did not pick to be poor, while hundreds of people scammed the system.


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