Monday, April 9, 2012

**Mini Rant #12----Pet Tails**

    Hello all!   It has been to long a time since my last blog.   There is no one to blame but myself.  To make up for this, I am going to push myself to make two great blogs today.  Or at least two blogs.  Wahoo for y'all!   Today I am also bringing back my mini rants.   They have not made an appearance since last year.   In each I pick something to vent about.  Something that is really overly annoying me that week.   I have been much calmer lately, so not everything annoys the crap outta me.  Eventually I would like to video my mini rants as blogs.   And will take input on any annoyances readers have ---turning the best ones into a mini rant of my own.  These originally and after today will be posted every Friday.   Kind of like something for you the reader to look forward too.  And something for me to look forward too.  I get to vent without venting to those around me!   I have a much better topic --but that is for next time.  Mostly because I am never positive whom reads my blogs.  And the vent should not become a topic and or argument by the subjects reading my rambling.   But before the vent, some thoughts on Easter. 

                                                            **He has risen!**

**"So with the kiddo's not here till tomorrow afternoon---we get to taste all the candy to make sure it tastes OK! Quality control ."**------This holiday was kind of ruined, by not having the kids around.  But we still managed to have a very relaxing and great day.   Plus it wasn't ruined by having to work or go to any type of retail store.   That happened the day before, Saturday.  Were I am pretty sure my wife and I decided that going to Wally World really was not worth the savings.  This and the amount of business that don't celebrate the big holidays anymore, are for another mini rant for sure.  We used to run "quality control" on the kids Halloween candy also.   The adults locking ourselves in the master bed room, going through all the candy supposedly looking for razor blades and poisoned candy.  But actually hiding the best chocolate pieces.  Because we had to walk up and down the streets with the kids also, right?

                                                                    The more you know!

  If you ask my wife real nice, she will tell you another reason to never eat Skittles again.  But this is a family blog!

    By these pictures I am in no way making fun of the true reason for Easter.  In fact my wife and I went to a great church service yesterday.  Made even better by a youngsters baptism on that day.   We had no kids for over a week, as they were visiting there dad for Spring Break.  And although it was way to quiet without them around, we had some good times.   The next few blogs will show some of our events.  Including an overly awesome trip to Seattle.

Looks like the Eater Bunny left something for the adults this year.

In case you have not noticed --gas prices are already going crazy.  But again that is yet another mini rant I am sure.  Although I heard this morning that an island off of California already has gas prices over $7.00 a gallon.  So be thankful you do not live there.  Before this entire blog turns into a rant--I offer some comedy.  It is still up for debate if these are actually funny....

**Question:  What do you call a bear with no teeth?

**Answer: A gummy bear!

                                                And now today's "mini rant!"

                                    **"Everyone Poo's!"**----OK this really isn't a quote, but a children's book that we happened to see while in Seattle.   I can say it is a read well worth picking up for the pictures!

  I believe I have mentioned some of this in a past rant, but now I have a dog that I love, and walk every day.   This rant deals with pet owners and starts with poop removal.  Picking up dog poo in parks and on trails is the law.  In YOUR own yard it is optional.   Most trails offer bags to save your hands and trash cans in case you did not bring your own bags.   Haggen bags are found in my coat every time I take our faithful mutt out.  I have forgotten to bring a clean up bag a time or two.   So am not complaining about not cleaning up random piles of stench.  But about those nim-wits that bag up there pets goo, tie them up, than leave the bags all over along the sides of the trails.   How is that helping anyone?   What happened to pack it in, pack it out?   Why would someone go to all the trouble of bagging the poo, and than leaving it on the trail for some poor trail cleaner to have to pick up.  Or for someone to step in.  OR that I have to pull away from a youngster that thinks the bags are neatly tied up toys or prizes left along the trail.   From Ranger Rick or something.  

    The above happened a few years ago.   I was out exploring with our youngest, and he saw several of the brightly colored bags and made a v-line toward one.  I saved and detoured him before he put it in his pocket, or un-wrapped it, or tried to eat it or something.  The worse area in town seems to be the trails around Barkley Village area in Bellingham.   So congrats on that, residence, I guess.   It makes me want to hide in the bushes, watch people go to all the trouble to bag up there dogs poo, and than watch them walk away.  Quickly picking up the bags and throwing them at the pet owner, laughing loudly and a little crazily, just before I run off in the other direction.  Watching the trail closely so I don't step in any other random piles of mush.

    The same parks and trails also require that you keep your pets on a leash.   There are plenty of dog parks and places you can run your pets with no leash.   We recently got our dog, and are not positive how he handles other pets.   Besides knowing for sure that he does not like cats.   Good dog on that point!  I despise having my pet on a leash, while random dogs can run up to him.  Than I get to pull my dog down the trail.  This is equally as annoying if I am enjoying the trails with no pet.   I do not enjoy your pet as much as you do, and do not want him running up to me.  Not sure if he is going to bite me, sniff me, lick me, or a mutant mixture of all three.   I also do not know how well your pet is trained.   Really train him, by keeping him on a leash like your supposed too.  

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