Sunday, April 29, 2012

    Last week found me on a quick exploring trip.   Our youngest and I had a few errands to do downtown and than were going to hop a random bus and see what adventures we found.  This is fun to do randomly.  But did not happen on this day.   After the bank we went on a walking adventure of sorts.   Here are some highlights.  And the answer to were  I was exploring --- posted several blogs ago.  Shown above for those of you that forgot.   You have a few more paragraphs to guess were we went.  This area has a lot of interesting people and culture but the strange people were out in full force on this day.  Notice I have not referenced any of these people as freaks or mentally challenged    yet.    When we first left the bank, this man was across the street preaching to anyone that stoped to listen about the lord.  I am in no way making fun of his ideas or the way he was spending his time.  But found it amusing that his background was a building covered in 420 support signs.  They are hard to see in the following picture though :(

Our actual wandering started here:

    At the old city hall.  This building allows for some great pictures. And I am more than sure that the building is haunted.  But that is yet another story.   Inside is a museum as well as the building beside it.  Like most of the museums in town, I have never been in either, so I can't tell you much about that.  From here you are very close to the city Library. 
                                                            Behind the Library
 About a block up you hit a post office.  Just past there are some great trails filled with water falls. 

         I have blogged about this before, and we did not go that way on this day.
But still find it very kool that all of these sights are offered right downtown. 

    We ventured down the many steps past the old building into the large open space.   You can easily journey all the way down to the docks from here. 

                                    To the right is more park to wander through. 
                                           Part of the rare Chip-A-Hoy tribe?
  And some fish ladders that are later full of angry salmon that are more than ready to mate. 

If anyone recalls when they are released for fishing, please let me know. 
All I can recall is my wife and I wandered down to view the large salmon
one night years ago, and the wind off the bay was beyond frigid.

   More interesting sights meet us in the open area below the city hall.  A varied group of people hang out in here and in the park.  Be prepared to be asked for spare change at least three times.  They were mowing the large lawn and a man had passed out asleep in the grass in the sun.  The lawn mower decided to not wake the man, and left a wide circle of un cut grass around him, and than moved to the other side of the field.  Another man was feeding the seagulls and had about 200 birds floating and hovering and swooping down to grab the tasty treats.   We also saw this set up tent, I am not sure what the story behind that is.
  We crossed the street and passed the large yellow Mexican restaurant.  Crews are working on the docks so we found a narrow trail that leads under the docks.  The tide was way out on that day, allowing for lots of exploring. 

Items are constantly washed in with each tide.  We did not find anything worthy to
bring home on this day though.

      With a quick glance this abandoned shopping cart almost looks like an outline of the United States map.

   Apparently people hang out down here.  I found many tables set up and such.  And have been told that they have big self cleansing parties were you can jump through the flames and come out a re newed person.   Many happen to be on Saturday nights.  I have not yet been brave enough to verify this. 

   We continued north-ish towards the bay.   Past the old train depot.  These buildings always make for a great picture or three.

You soon pass this great caboose.   In this picture it has "Suck it" spray painted across the front.    The greeting has long since been painted over.

If you do not know what this sign means---- do not apply for the job.  This is what the managers will not as nicely tell you, if you do apply.

                                          More signs that spring is in full bloom

 Nestled with the fine restaurants and motels is a great sea life petting zoo of sorts. It is defiantly worth a look.  And the museum greatly appreciates all donations. 

                                                         Down by the bay!

   If you follow the trail all the way around to the park you can view many a boat.  Luxury yachts are usually ported also.  Or buy some of the freshest seafood around. 

   Look for Willie the Whale.   You can also go on whale viewing tours. 

                                     Statue for all of the seaman that never came home. 
    Way past this you can stop at another park of sorts.  And follow the shore line during low tide.  It is still a very slippery hike though.   Years ago we took this adventure and found this great structure.  Which is said to have been built during WWII.  It has a look out tower up top, that holds a person.  And people have written on the walls and added to it for years.  I have heard that the structure got torn down, but have not ventured to verify this true or not.  Does any of my readers know???

On the way home we ventured into the park below city hall just a little to wash off our shoes mainly. 

   This leads us to the end of our journey this day.   And also my picture of the day.

    I find it great how everything here is green.  There is green growing on everything even the trees.  Of course all of the rain has to do with this.  

  Any thoughts on were I should explore next??    And as always

                    **Happy Trails**

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