Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/2012--More Rambling

  Overlooking the bay just out of Fairhaven.   I personally would think allll of the black berry bushes would keep people out, but whatever floats there boat.   I feel this blog is very much like a personal journal.  Something most people want to keep everyone out of.  But I want to share this blog with everyone.   And as always,  I welcome and enjoy your input!

 Max sunbathing over the weeksend.  It was nearly 70 in Bellingham.  Beating a high temp record set in the mid 50's!   And now today we are staring at clouds.  But no rain fall yet.  I hope I didn't just jinx that. 

   **"Even a turd floats!"**-----Not sure how motivational this quote is.  Especially for someone that swims like a rock, like myself.   But "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."

 **"You must love yourself before you can love another."**----  True for everyone.  But something we are trying to get across to our neighbor.  She really is a great person, but tries to help everyone else before herself.   And than does not have the energy or needs for herself or equally importantly her child.  In case you too have not gotten the memo, I have been married a month now.  And love everything about it.  I do find after a cross country move and the commitment of life together forever, I have to prove my everlasting love daily.   I know it is there and true, but it is hard to find new ways to show it, continually.  But like our long relationship, it is a challenge I accept and enjoy.   And it is greatly a work in progress.   But during our last "break" from each other, I learned to love almost everything about me.  And I also learned how I can't function right with out my wife and the kids. 

     Speaking of my wife, her birthday is coming up very soon.  Because she reads my blogs & I greatly enjoy sleeping in our comfy bed, we will say she is turning 28.  Anyways, I am trying to run the show, by getting her relatives over, helping the kiddos find gifts for her, picking a cake, etc.   She always does everything for every ones birthday, so it is turning into huge shoes to fill.   Luckily while roaming Craigs List yesterday I found the perfect gift for her.  It will be delivered tonight actually.   I very much enjoy the sight to sell and find items.   It has helped us a lot this week in gaining some free and very nice items.  I would say cheap, but years at Wally World taught me that the product was reasonably priced, never cheap!   So happy early Birthday to my beautiful wife!    I do recall her birthday, few peoples I actually know.  In fact I am not having a birthday this year.  Something about leap year I believe the day isn't on the calender even.  But Facebook has saved me from forgetting many a persons birthday.   I have also learned that if you are having a down, bad day, you can change your birthday date on Facebook, and watch the well wishes roll in from people that don't really know you as well as they think. 

                    Our new dresser being carried to our house from a few doors down. 

    **"So this week we got a free dresser, bed frames, a super comfy couch and a game chair. I also snagged 2 vintage record players. Hope they work!"**
    Among all our finds online during the last few weeks, these are my new favorites.   Today we get to see if they actually work. Increasing my resale profits for sure. 

   I came across two vintage record players.  The bigger one possibly being from the 1940's or 50's.   And it is very kool.   We plan to keep one, because my wife has a ton of records.  We got them both for an amazingly low price.  Considering you can't even buy a new record player for under around $100 bucks.   If you know anything about either of these, please message me.
Despite it being such a cloudy day, it is another great day!  If for no other reason, because I once again woke up and set a new record for days being alive. 

    So the other day I brought back my "mini rants" section to my blogs.  I hope that you enjoyed
as much as I enjoyed typing it.  This also helped me vent on some relatives/friends of ours the following day, in e mail form.  I am happy to report that the e mail came out nice and fair but was also fair and non mean. I task that took several days of pre planning in my head.  And a feat that is much harder than you might think. 

So I am writing today's blog just down the street from my house.  In a little cafe.
In fact it is my 2nd visit to the fine coffee joint. 

Firehouse Cafe in Fairhaven

This stop sign says it all, stop here for a great cup of Joe.  Stay to enjoy the atmosphere.
This place has that small town feel--that most of Fairhaven shares.  But is much more "homey" feeling than the other coffee joints in town.  Sit by the feature fireplace.  Enjoy some great looking snacks.  I say great lookin' because I haven't tried any yet.  Conversations easily turn into group events.  Enjoy free wi-fi.   I can walk to the shop, but the 14 bus stops right out front.  They also offer a lot of shows, and are connected to a yoga and such room.  In case you didn't get the memo, I really like the place!  

Behind Firehouse Cafe

It is very easy to find a great coffee in the Great North West.  But to find an enjoyable place
to stop and savior your coffee is much harder to find.  I am soon doing a 2nd posting of my favorite areas in and around Bellingham to enjoy coffee.  Write a blog, socialize, and just plain ol people watch.   And this place will deffinatly make the list.   Starting with Farihaven places this time, because it is now were I am happy to call home.  We have recently changed and perfected my "office" at home.  And that is still my favorite place to enjoy coffee and write.   But I don't sit well, and have a mini computer to try out new coffee joints.
PLEASE include your favorite place to sip on coffee.  So that I can check it out.  Scroll down for ways to contact with me.  

To keep up with my rambling---I just read that after all these years, Matt Growning
The creator of the Simpsons, finally announced wich of the many Springfields
the Springfield in the show was loosly based on.
Every state has a Springfield.  And every state claimed to be the simple familys hometown.
The creators own hometown is the one in Oregon.
And he finally annoucned that it was also the birth place of the Simpsons.

Suck it other states!

I have lived in the Springfield/Eugene area of Oregon for years.   And find many influences in the cartoons.  Although landmarks and such randomly appear when needed for plot lines.  But part of the joy, is that it could take place in anytown USA  in any state.  And the family could easily be your neigbors, or your family. 

**"To alchol, the cause and solution to most of life's problems!"**
Cheers!  To many more years of the Simpson's!!

And lastly for today-----Today's picture of the day!

Last week we had a very rare nine days in a row with no kids.  My wife and I snuck away to Seattle and had a honey moon of sorts.  But mostly some great R & R!  Downtown Seattle this can be found.   A huge Starbucks is right across the square.  No suprise, I was in the city ten minutes and had passed eight coffee joints.  And the duck vehicles start there journey near here also.   Great tour boat/cars that roam the town over land and water.  As soon as I saw this walk through fountin, I needed a picture.   I was not prepared for how soaked I would get while snapping this picture.   I am realitivly sure after blowing up the picture, that it is upside down.  Notice the people in the background.  But am not sure.   It is still a great shot in my book either way. 
This story will be told in a very picture filled blog soon!

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