Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As of this morning--this blog hit 7,000 views.  I thank you all!!  
And hope that if you like what you read, you share.  I also
encourage comments and your thoughts on everything you see.
From how crummy my writing is, to were you think I should
hike next.   Last time I surveyed my readers to were I should hike next, only
3 people answered.  And two of them decided I should hike to the fridge!  Funny
but not real helpful. 
I am trying to make this blog much more interactive.  And of course
still working on launching the 2nd blog next month.

On that topic ---If you would like to jump in on the boat with my new blog
I will be offering amazingly reasonable advertisement opportunities.  Because it is a start
up sight, the advertising will be low low.  I already have a very large reader base.  That is growing daily, Mostly in the Bellingham area.   The area my new blog will be about! 

I have been exploring a lot around town lately.  This is gaining me some great pictures.
And very entertaining at the same time.  Especially when I bring one of
our kids along for the hike.  Roaming around down town I have passed Man Pie a lot lately.
I rambled about this place when it first opened.  And have still yet to visit the place.
I believe it is kind of like pot pies--but larger and extra full of things men really like.
If any readers have any insight on this---PLEASE share. 
Here is my past post on the topic:

  As I was trying to find a job today, I passed a new place down town called Man Pie. I am not making any of this up. I believe it is some kind of cafe--but could and still can't determine what they are selling or to whom their target audience is. I keep saying Target in this blog, maybe they will send me some free gift cards? Anyways, if you know what Man Pie is, or think that I would want a man pie, or think that I have a man pie please let me know. And in this day and age -- is it discrimination to not have a woman pie shop? Should one really say woman pie? Does constantly reading the word pie, make you hungry for pie?
So on to the next topic, stop thinking about pie, you!

  So last week I joined my daughters class on a field trip to Fairhaven Park to release some salmon.   The school had raised the still very little critters, and now it was time for them to thrive in Padden Creek.   After learning about the creeks eco-system and ways to take care of the water.  Each child was called to the water, were a tube placed at about the kids heads, lead into the creek.  The kids each got to name there fish.  And make a wish for the fish, before setting it free.  
    This all makes me wander when the full sized salmon are released near downtown.  Mostly because they look like great fun to catch.   I tried to look this up on the all knowing Google sight, but mostly learned nothing.   I mostly learned that the season was one of the most random seasons for any fish or state.   It was determined by size, feel of the fish, how many chickens flew past the park rangers, what color the fish pee was, etc. 

                                               Yet another mural down town Bellingham.

     The above release of the fish was kinda kool.   It makes me recall a similar field trip waaaaay back when I was in grade school.  I went to school in Wyoming, were field trips were beyond interesting.  We visited places like old cowboy & Indian battle fields, and slaughter houses. 

     Field Trips--- I grew up in the middle of no were, field trips were always an adventure well at least memorable. Cattle butcher, Indian fights, city park, Wal mart. --o my. If only than I would have know it would become my future job, I might have takin' notes. They were all a thrill a minute. Worse was one cold ass day we took a bus to an empty field near a cold looking river. Ranger Rick came out of a shack about the size of an out house, as we unloaded the bus. Milk fish….. It’s not even as fun as it sounds. Apparently in this modern age, fish can not reproduce by themselves. Or it was an early lesson in safe sex. Mine is to simply keep the lights on. The fish are corralled near you. We took turns getting into the frigid water and grabbed a fish. If it was female, you coaxed them for awhile, talking romantically and than squeezed their many eggs near the shore in a slow part o the stream. If it was male, you squeezed till white *milk **wink wink came out over the eggs. Thus making angry fish who just wanted to have fun, and helping repopulate fish once again! Don’t squeeze to hard though, or red stuff comes out, ruining the whole experience for you and the fish. Who thinks up this stuff ? We were like ten, dang you Ranger Rick.
       What could possibly beat a trip like that you ask? ASK! Actually I picked the best for first. But we took other trips. It was Wyoming were their was lots of open space for the cowboys to take from the Indians in the past. So lots of fights were on the list. What is more thrilling than to drive 200 miles to an empty field some did have cows now and hear about a battle that happened way before the casinos were built at the edges of the property. First off you learned that the cows and people running around with metal detector's were not authentic. As you walked through the field, everything could be a relic. That stick, that .. no it’s a pine cone. That cool looking… ewwww it’s a freaking cow pie! We also took trips to places like Wal Mart! Many of our future job sights! And another real crowd pleaser the slaughter house. Many of the rest of ours future jobs! What better than learning were your dinner came from? And what veal really looked like. Not that people from the west didn’t know that by the age of 5. Which leads us to why so many cows are eatin'. They are stupid animals. Ever drove up to one laying in the middle of the road? They don’t moooooove no matter what you do. You are sitting in a huge vehicle that could turn them into so many juicy, tasty, flame broiled Mcburgers and they don’t move. That noted, maybe we are not the brightest either as we just sit their. Waiting for them to move and or "moooing" at them. I believe that they would do the same if you were standing in front of them with a large rock over your head or a gun. The deer, etc would run like hell.
    So last week, my wife and I snuck off for a great lunch date.  We are trying to have as many dates as possible.  Because it is fun, and because she deserves them.   We did not have many dates when we first started going out.  Having three kids, makes dating hard.  Another reason I said lunch date just above.  This is also my way of starting a new feature in my blog.  Called our business of the week!   Wood Fire Pizza is our first choice.   This fine restaurant is on Railroad Street  easy to spot on the corner.   Just down from the Hereld Building.  Across from Woods Coffee and they share parking with the Saturday market.  
     They offer a great selection of pizza and other specialties.  And have a very large wine and beer selection.  They also all importantly offer Pepsi products!  All at very reasonable prices.    And offer a full heated deck. 
     Waaaaay back when April and I first started dating, we had our first real date at this restaurant.   We both were overly nervous.  So much so that I wasn't sure I should order a beer, I did--- and she didn't say she really didn't like the pizza toppings I had chosen.   Something she defiantly would not hold back on now---almost seven years later.   Actually I made sure she picked what we ate this fine day full of good food, and even better memories.  We were far from nervous on this day.   But also very thankful for such awesome service and just to be kid free on this outing. 
    So on our first real date as a married couple, we only found it fitting to go here again.   We hope for many more dates and great times together.  First around town, and than further adventures as I get my drivers licence back again.   I ask you the reader now, if you have any suggestions for dates in our future around the Bellingham area?   Please share if you do. 
                                                                 My beautiful wife!
    On the same day we ended up at the two book stores near the courthouse.  Right across the street from each other.  We had some time to kill before the restaurant opened.  And I had never been in either book store.  I could not believe how big either store was.  Books floor to celling in room after room.   A good call for any free time you might have, or fully rainy day.
    Today's picture of the day :
   This tree is just down the street from our house.   It is an amazingly awesome tree with a large birds nest near the top.  I have kooler pictures of this tree.  Several, in fact.  But this one shows it in full and glorious spring bloom.   Everything is in full bloom right now.  And this offers some great sights and smells.  It also is pure hell for any allergy suffer.
   Another great place to visit right now is your local green house.  This one is right down the road from our house.  In Fairhaven. Especially with extra grumbles from our trips to Wally World, I greatly encourage buying local!
      Now see if you can guess were I and our youngest was exploring yesterday.   Kind of like a twisted Wheres Waldo game.   The answer in my next exploring adventure blog. 


  1. Every nice and we should go to the burger place owned by the same people as the pizza place

    1. Burgers and a movie. Maybe while your mom is in town to watch the kiddos.