Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Day

     **"People who have no weaknesses are terrible; there is no way of taking advantage of them."**

   **"I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life."**
   **" This morning was a series of honking and yelling, and giving the finger lots of evil looks and swearing.. Then I finally got out of the driveway and on my way to work."**

  **"Key chains were just invented so one could loose all of there keys at the same time!"**

 **"We are buying a car tomorrow! It's gonna be hell to have it sitting in the driveway until I officially am legal and have a drivers licence again. It has been a long, expensive journey."**

   Fairhaven has three main coffee shops and I find myself drawn to the same one, when I go out to have coffee and attempt to publish a new blog.   Lately I find it very comfortable to just stay home and drink coffee.  But for my sanity and to keep our marriage, plus I greatly enjoy to roam, I find I venture out at least a few times a week.  I also just watched a commercial about how one can save over $1000 a year if they just had coffee at home all the time.  The days out are too good for me to cut out coffee shops all together.  Plus we just lost a smoker in our house, so we are saving a ton of cash in that department.  OK not lost, as in they died or are roaming around in the woods some were, cold and sad faced.  But a few months back my wife stopped smoking.  Something I am very proud of considering how long she had been smoking.  And how many huge stressors she has in her life daily. 

     Anyways, I attempted to venture some were new for my morning brew and went downtown Fairhaven to The Rustic coffee shop.   I made it about four steps in the door, and decided it was time to move on.   The place was very nice inside, in fact it looked way to fancy for my early morning tastes.  Men were sitting around in suits.  It just didn't look like a place to lay back and occupy a chair while sipping coffee and writing this action void blog!   Plus my baby computer has very little battery power and I could only spot one plug in while scanning the room.   I ventured by Tony's Coffee while I came up Harris street.   I have been there before.  It is a very neat building inside and out.  Very laid back, and a good place to hang out and be creative or just people watch out of all the windows.  But they do not have wi-fi.  Something very rare in this day and age, even if you find yourself in the middle of no were.  You can usually bounce Internet off the near by buildings, but I have found this is not the most reliable at all.  At the moment I am further up Harris, once again at Firehouse Cafe.   I say at the moment, because I am not able to plug in my laptop and see it running out of juice way before this blog even stops talking about coffee.  Maybe it is not in my fate, to type away from home today?  Is that really fate or just bad planning fueled with great coffee?   "Luckily" just as my laptop was about to run out of power, one of the great workers at the coffee shop, said I could unplug the "festive" window lights.  I have been in trouble for this elsewhere.  But in all fairness I did not know I had unplugged the open sign to plug in my computer.   And gave a very big tip that day. 

   **"Fair warning B-Ham residents. You have about a month of safe roads and or sidewalks before I am driving this around."**

    So today's title is "Happy Day" because yesterday we bought a vehicle again!   I am ever so close to being legal to drive once again.  And thought having a car sitting out front might be great motivation.  Although it is way tempting to take it for a long drive.  Part of the reason we are not even getting insurance on the car yet.  Most of my problems with the law involve driving anyway, and talking to at least one police officer.  I would get caught about once a year with no licence and no insurance.  Most of the time the annoyed officer would throw one more ticket into the collection, just for fun, and maybe to meet his monthly quota.  And for years I would just move instead of paying them off.  This resulted in problems in three separate states.  But for once my slacking paid off.  It has been so long since I got in trouble in Oregon state that court and than collections, basically gave up and canceled out a huge percent of my fines!  Happy early birthday to me!   The following pictures are ones my wife took & will surly end up in one of her blogs very soon.    She has started her own blog, and if you enjoy a great read please take a look at her sight    I especially like the changed last name ;)

  For being a "94" it is amazingly clean and ding free.   Plus it has a decent stereo system--so maybe tomorrow I will venture to the car, crank a CD, and type a blog!   We have had a few Buicks and they seem to keep on driving.  I eventually want a pickup again, but they do not transport a family of five plus a large dog well.  And it is always good to have goals to strive for.  Sadly this is a long list for us sometimes. 

             Possibly my new office?  I will see if our wi-fi works in the parking lot.

   It is a little hard to believe how old a car from 1994 now is.  I was just starting high school in 94.  But I believe it is the newest vehicle we have owned.  I put my wife in full charge of picking the rig this time around.  We have both separately had some great vehicles through the years, but when we both purchased a mini van a few years back---it was the worse van possible!   There were so many things wrong with the rig that a Car Fax report probably would have blown up our computer.   After many a break down, our whole family spent a night in a parking lot in Everette, Washington the last night the van ran.   Pushed off the highway by the Washington state patrol. 
     With the already amazingly high gas prices, we will continue to use the city bus a lot.  But more exploring, with the dog are now in the future.   And ultimately better exploring, picture filled blogs.   I am very happy to finally have some keys to put on my many key chains!  I have a bundle of several key chains most importantly with a bottle opener.  But until the other day no keys ;(    Very soon I will have an actual house key to add onto the key ring.  Since about a month ago I was added onto the lease.  

                                         Me trying not to look at the steering wheel. 

     Last thoughts on the car for now------   Another reason we are not insuring the car now, is to keep people from even asking to borrow the car.   Oddly as word gets out, even though few people offered us rides around town, I am sure there will be lots of people that feel they are entitled to drive the car or be driven some were.   Since my wife and I were the only two that shelled out the cash, I don't see this happing.  But people can ask away.  
     One of the few people that gave us rides in the past, has already volunteered to drive us in the car, until I get my licence back.   She was always a scary driver, to be nice.   But never charged much in gas funds.  She was the kind of driver that provoked you wore your seat belt ever time for sure.    My wife and I would argue over who got the front seat when we both rode with her.  Not because we wanted shot gun, but because front seat was to intense and almost 3-D action.   She would turn around fully to talk to the person in the back seat, and than randomly break down crying as we sped down the highway and or ditch.   I keep using past tense, because she recently got in another wreck and totaled her car. 
    I note this because she volunteered to drive us around in our shiny new rig before telling us why her car had not been parked in front of her apartment.   So nice to have such helpful friends!
    Also as a public service announcement of sorts for those of you living in or around Bellingham.  We bought this car off of Craigs List.   A sight we have used a lot lately and in the past.  Although this is a great free sight, you have to watch your back.   They really have no safety net to corrupt people out there.  

  **** If you correspond with Jeff Potter on Craigslist--- about vehicles, boarding, or anything else-----Stop all contact! He is a thief and an SOB that has been ripping people off in the Bellingham area for years now. Just sayin ******

   I have dealt with this person several times in the past, and each ended badly for me.   I was very discouraged to  find he is still thriving on Craigslist, Facebook, and probably other sights.   I attempted to contact him through e mail, so he could give a reason for his actions, but have heard nothing.   So I have been using my social network sights to pass on the word.  And hopefully even keep one person from trusting him at all.  

   If Wally World's put this on there front doors, they would soon be void of customers.  And or workers.   Although it could easily be argued that I have my beyond blond moments.  
      I am a Wyoming native.   Thus this blogs web sight involving Wyoming Jack.  One of my many nicknames.   But I have recently learned that I love Wyoming much more, from far away!   Next summer we plan on taking a family trip through Yellowstone and such.   But it is great to know that we are just passing through.  I could easily call Washington my home and be proud to say it. 

     **"A psycho and a woman are walking through dark scary woods.. Woman says" I 'm so scared walking through these woods" The psycho replies"How do you think I feel I have to walk back alone"**

                                               I fixed this, by drinking some

   Yesterday I graced every ones day with two blogs!   I think the same will happen today.   But no guarantees.   As always I hope you enjoy what you read.   And hope for comments---Always!
                                                 Thank you all for being readers!

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