Wednesday, March 28, 2012

   **"I have great faith in fools----self-confidence, my friends call it."**--Edgar Allan Poe

**"Suckin at something is the first step to being sort of good at it."**
**"‎"Whether you think you can or think you can't--your probably right"--Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

**It's Always April Fools day at my house"** Some could argue that I am an over achiever, and a fool year round. I seem to be an over achiever in all the wrong areas!------In case your calander is in the shop.  Or you just can not read it from your bunker shelter, it is 2012.....   April 1st is right around the corner!  I always recall onna my buddies, and my sisters birthdays because they are on the 1st.   Even without the aid of Facebooks birthday reminders!  We tend to ignore April Fools day in my house.   Because I enjoy a good joke any time of the year.  And because my wife was born in April, and has heard plenty of jokes dealing with the subject.    Check out my blog last year  *Titled   its always April Fools day at my house*--about the first and last April Fools day joke I played on here, six years ago. 

                            **"My 'get-rich-slow' scheme... is going to plan!"**

    **" I had a crazy dream where I poisoned all my friends... Weird.. anyhow, this Sunday BBQ at my house "**---I have takin' advantage of rare sunny days, this time of year and gotten to bbq a few times already.   And am hoping to again next week, if the sun decides to make an appearance again.   Or the April showers just hold off for about an hour around dinner time.   None of you are invited.

                                      **"I like it Kitty style.....
it's a lot like doggy style but with scratching and biting!"**

    **"Aapparently boxers never have sex before a fight.....
  I'm guessing its because they don't usually like each other."**

                       **If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is she homeless or naked?**

                                 **"I only diet between meals!"**---Garfield

     So in my last blog I talked about the above blog.   I am a follower to the blog and a real fan.  I hope that some day my pictures are even half as great as many of them.  I also hope that the owner doesn't mind me stealing his cover picture to talk about the sight.   And that he doesn't mind me using the concept by posting a picture of mine in many blogs. 

   Please Check out my new page layout!   Includes coffee daily facts, Sunsets, and Sally my new virtual sheep! Scroll all the way down the page to feed my sheep.  Because sheep are safe!    If you don't understand this by now, you are not my wife and are defiantly not a Wyoming native.   Were I heard the maternity ward doctors now smack the new baby's on the butt and than hand the new borns a pair of velcro gloves.  
   As always please tell me what you think about my thoughts and the new pages.    You can use the following handy dandy form to make this process easier. .....

    Or better yet, scroll to the end of this blog, and leave me some comments.   Or drop me an e mail.    After I stop laughing, I will think about your ideas and will than reply to you.  My 2nd blog is also going to start up in April.   No  foolin!    It will be jam packed full of free and cheap things to do in and around Bellingham.   With loads of pictures of the great area I once again call home.  And rambling about my constant exploring.   The exploring stories of course will get better when I am once again a licenced driver.   Between both blogs and Facebook I can show a strong readership  --so thank you all.   And will try to incorporate advertising in a non ruining way to the new blog.   Because it will be a start up page, that needs lots of work, the advertising will be very reasonable.    If you are interested ---please contact me today. 

        New paint job on the main welcoming sign on State Street.    Bellingham is full of great murals. 

   Today's photo of the day is an older picture of mine.   Roaming around on campus in "09" on a rare snow day for the area.  Snow was melting all around, and it was still warm enough to keep the water flowing.   I defiantly can drive in snowy/crummy conditions, but have found it way safer here to walk than drive after a snow storm.  Someone is very likely to run into me on the roads.   I got many great shots this day. 

  Tonight I am also going to start a new addition to my blog.   Were I post a picture from my roaming and exploring and the reader tries to decide were I was.   The first ones will be very easy.   Later on, I will offer prizes for identifying were I was.   Kind of like a backwards wheres Waldo  were Waldo is taking the picture.         The first picture conveniently ties into tomorrow's blog.  

                  Any guesses?       And as always-------        HAPPY TRAILS!!

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