Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last Week Part I

 The past week or so has flown by.  It has been a great time full of bonding and family time.  And tons of exploring.   Above is the start of a great trail.  This post is an attempt to tell about the events that might have slipped through the cracks.   It is also to be attempted in mostly pictures.   Let your eyes rejoice!   As the tittle says--this is part one of events and exploring.   I hope you enjoy even half as much as I did.   And as always~~~~~Happy Trails!!

Stairs leading to?    This is beside our church.  And there isn't much else to say.  I just thought the picture turned out pretty kool.
                                                    Another neat church in Fairhaven.  

                 This is now someones houses.  But I think it is beyond kool!
                                                Another storm moving in.   Imagine that.  
                         Looking down on were the Alaskan Ferry parks. 
  Again down by the bay.   It is strange how most of my exploring ends up down by  the water.  But it makes for great exploring and even greater pictures.  

With three kids and a dog to go exploring with, many hikes start in Farihaven Park also.   Trails lead out of every direction of the park.  And it is very near our back yard.   More pictures of this beautiful park coming soon.
                           Even the signs have umbrellas in Washington state!!  This is an older picture.  We have not seen snow here for awhile now.  Although spring has not yet sprung here.  I have heard this morning it is snowing just south of us in Oregon.  And my parents have rubbed in that it was 70ish outside back home in Wyoming.  Now it is our turn!

I took this picture last Saturday on the way to the St Paddy's Day parade.   More on the parade in a second.  That day we say rain, sleet, and a little sunshine.  Anyways, the sign says "save the water."  And by the looks of it, even though the even has not happened yet, we are doing an awesome job at this event already here in Washington!
    Two Fridays ago we went to the Larabee school up on the hill and saw the reptile man.  He brought his animals all the way from Monroe, WA to share!   I have never been to the zoo, but can say it is family owned, and sounds well worth the visit.   The show was great, the speaker very amusing.   Although I still can't say I like snakes at all!   Above is a relatively young turtle.  He is kind of cute.  Possibly because he is not a snake.   I note that all of these pictures were takin' by my beautiful wife

                                         Above this lil crock is "sleeping"  Rub above there heads and there body temperature relaxes and lowers and the animals go to sleep.  He advices never to try this on a full sized gator!
In case I have not mentioned it, I hate snakes.  And have been known to scream like a girl a turn very white faced when seeing them in the wild.  In my defence they were mostly very large rattle snakes.  But one or two might have been garden snakes also.

     About the middle of the show the show started switching to snakes.  And my wife watched my eyes and reactions much more closely than the show.  I was a little on edge, but the animals were a distance from me, and there was a large ring/buffer of kids on the floor in front of us that the snakes would have to get through before they reached us.

This is about the time the evil announcer started describing a very quick black snake that he had.   I am not sure what snake he was talking about, because I was already a little on edge by this point.   I do recall how deadly and lightning quick he said this particular snake was.  He went into great detail as he described how hard they are to handle and how dam fast they were, as he started to reach into the crate....    At the same time that he let our an ear splitting yell, several black streaks sprung into the air.   Flying at the crowd.   Most of the crowd flew backwards.   And I was more than ready to wait in the car for the rest of the show.  To bad we do not have a vehicle.   The snakes were actually fabric, much like the snakes in those joke peanut containers.

     I would like to be able to say at this point that I handled it all well  and just laughed it off.   But I think I hated the ring leader just a lil bit at this point in the show.  April swears I was about to cry.   I will deny this, but here's an after shot for you to judge all that.  After she caught her breath, and stopped laughing at me.....

I believe the gal beside me is laughing at me also.

Part II is coming soon! 

**Spoiler alert**   

April & I have a date night, The St Patty's Day parade, more exploring &


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  2. He was about to cry and it was a black momba and can go ten miles n hour. so from our distance could get us in 2 seconds. LOl

  3. Even full of Coffee---I can't move that fast!