Thursday, March 15, 2012

    **"I just read something so funny it made me spit coffee out my nose, which is odd because I wasn't drinking coffee at the time."**----  I can not say this is a true statement or is not.  I'd mainly say not, because it is so rare that I am not drinking coffee!

    **"Currently shopping online for cardboard cutouts of various horror characters. That should teach me roommates to stop taking acid on Thursdays~"**

                            **"If looks could really kill than my profession would be staring."**

 **" I saw my mate Jim for the first time in ages today, I said good god Jim you've put on a lot of weight , he said, "Tell me something I don't know" I said "Salad tastes good"**

   **"Loving all of my free time and time with the family! But I have started like 50 projects and need to finish some. lol"**-----Me-----As always one of the things I neglect the most each day, is this blog.   Life is great, but it keeps getting in the way of me posting regularly, somehow. 

   **"Deff a March day yesterday. Woke up to a lil snow. Than the rain hit. While I was bbq'n ribs we saw hail and than all out sun! Six days till spring!"**---Me-----I believe we have 3 days left until spring officially hits.  No one here has told this to Mother Nature.  About all else I can add to this is that the ribs were awesome, and our dog is still enjoying the rib bones.   We just are rationing them out to him a few at a time as treats.   We also have to watch what we take out of freezer bags when looking in the freezer.  Because his bones are in a freezer bag and when he sees one he gets more than a little excited.
    On a some what related note.  While I was walking Max last week, in the middle of no were, while he was on his leash I might add, five large dogs came charging down the trail towards us.  I was a little worried at first.  Both because I didn't know these large dogs, and I really did not know how Max handled other dogs.   I know for sure, he does not like cats---good dog on that one!   Now if we  could just train him to attack snakes, he would be my hike buddy all the time for sure.   Than I was annoyed, because my dog was on a leash and these ones were free to attack us.  Obviously I was not harmed to badly, or at all, because I am now typing this some what boring story to y'all.   The point to this story really is coming, soon even.   The dogs owner soon came down the trail.  And she started petting Max.   She recognized the dog, and used to walk him all around town.  Thus again proving that this is both an extremely small town and world. 
    Also on a related note.   As in it involves the dog.   I am happy to report that both Max and myself were approved for housing on the same day!   We get the paper work next week to sign and put me on the lease.   And already have the paperwork for the dog.   I had thought this process would take much longer.   And ultimately result in a lot of sneaking in and out the residence back door.    This all also gets us one step closer to being married.  But mum is the word on all of that for the moment ;)

   For not working I have a lot of plans for the rest of this month and beyond.   I have pictures from past activities, but have not posted them on here yet.   Lucky you!   Future plans include going to Seattle with my fiance for some R & R and good times at the end of the month.   I will defiantly have pictures to add about that trip.   Another is the local St Patty's Day parade.   It was very kool last year.  And I believe the rain stopped for most of the actual parade. 

   I pause to ask my readers a question.   And at the same time vent just a little bit.   Over the weekend I tweaked out on one of our neighbors.   Although it was a great stress reliever for me, I doubt the action did any good.  This person is a perma-tweak who keeps forgetting she has a kid.  We bend over back wards for her son, because it's not his fault that his mom has done more than her and my share of drugs.   On that day we some how had her son from the time school let out till about 11:30 Saturday afternoon.  Or morning, depending on if you sleep in.   Her son was a perfect gentleman during his stay--that's not the problem.   Beyond the neglect, we were more annoyed that that Saturday was our date night, and we had child care for the night lined up for all of my fiances three kids.   We really didn't need a fourth running around -is the cliff notes.

   I guess the real question here --is how can someone effectively get points across to an individual that has far fewer brain cells remaining?   I have lots of "speeches" on numerous topics memorized from my daze and years of working at Wally World.  But I was also sure that everyone I talked to comprehended at least 80% of my rambling.   If you have any input on this or my blogs in general----please leave comments and or feedback.  
    When I worked at the Wally World here in Bellingham there was this man that would roam around the store all the time with his hands in his pockets and a very happy, yet distant look in his eyes.  One day I was working on a ladder, and was more than a little surprised when the customer asked me to continue working on the registers up front, because the lines were backing up.   That was the day I learned this man was one of my assistant managers!   I was new to the store, and thought he just shopped there a lot.    I am not making fun of him at all.  He was/is very laid back and I don't believe I ever heard him yell.  Not even at me!   He was very mellow and laid back and it just seemed that he did some very good drugs in the 70's.   The main differences between him and our neighbor.  Are that he stopped doing drugs, and he was still a fully functioning member of society.   At any rate we called him Perma Fry!   I believe in free choice on most topics, as long as that choice isn't hurting someone.  But if you ever need a sure fire bet to keep your kids from even trying drugs, I will give you our neighbors address and our phone number.   You can thank me later.   From a distance. 

   **"American novelist Philip Roth complains that the “real world” has grown so berserk that fiction has no hope of keeping up and remaining credible at the same time."**

      This man's shirt is amazingly hard to read.  The concept is about as hard to swallow.  During a large conference last week, homeless people were "paid" to be wireless hot spots for the day.  I put paid in quotes, because they received $20.00 for the entire day from the company.   Although they could ask for donations from computer and cell phone users of there services.  After hearing about this on TV this morning, I had to look up the subject to decide it really happened.  The sight I got this picture of off, connects to another sight were the homeless used each has there own page complete with a donation area at the bottom of the page.  It also shows which streets they are begging on if one lived in the area and would prefer a more personal donation or to talk to any of them.   If done right I suppose this could be a great idea.  Not to much harsher than paying the homeless to hold up signs for pizza joints all day.  Except that the grub signs will not give the workers cancer for sure.     What are your thoughts?   Please share in my comments or feedback. 


   Today's picture of the day is from Sheridan, Wyoming.  For better or for worse, my home town.  I have many pictures of this sculpture.   This one was near Christmas time.   The building in the background is the local senior center.   Just to the right is the fountains and a small park.  They have many events and some other great sculptures to view.   Just beyond this is the city park.   And to the extreme right is the towns great library.   This sculpture is turned "on" in the summer time, and water drips out of the riders hat. 
   Here's another shot

And in this one you can just make out the water dripping out of this proud riders hat.

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