Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Do

  First off I would like to thank all of my readers.   Today I passed 6000 views!  Not to shabby for a blog on such a boring subject---me.    Thank you all!    Please pass on the web sight and think about becoming a follower.     Also as always~~   Leave comments and feed back.   It helps me fine tune my thoughts and writing.  Be it good, bad, or ugly thoughts  --My blog loves comments!    Speaking of love......

   I have been on again off again dating this great gal who now shares my last name for over six years now.   Actually October will be 7 years some how.  I would not trade any of our time together for anything in the world.  She and her kids have taught me something new almost daily.   And she is the most caring, loving, big hearted person I know.  By far. 

    My blog started in Washington state as a couple.   A couple that thought they were getting married. Than went with me as I went back home to Wyoming a single and broken shell of a man.  Than follows me back to Washington state, my 2nd home for sure.   As we daily grow our relationship.  If you did not catch the wording in my last blog, how it went from calling April my girl friend to calling her my wife, I repeat that just now.   Last Monday we went down to the court house and got married!   A simple ceremony that many may frown on, but I thought was beyond great!   Made even greater by the joy in her eyes, and the joy on my face reflected in her beautiful eyes.  Some people may see this as the cheap way to go.  But I learned years ago at Wally World, not to say anything was cheap, except possibly the shoppers.  It was the most beneficial way right now to finally do what we maybe should have done years ago. 

   We forgot to tell everyone about the ceremony, so if you know us, and are just learning the news, after you get over the shock, we are still waiting for your wedding present to us!   No, we are making fun of your shocked look, and waiting for you to wish us good luck or whatever is customary in your country.  My parents did know, but they live states away and would not be coming to the ceremony for sure.   The only others that knew ahead of time, were the kids, and our two witnesses/picture takers.   Both did a great job at both tasks, I must add.   Not telling realitives here, also kept from having a packed court house.  And the possiablity from taking the focus off of us and putting it on others.  Besides having four kids and two near kids *(the witnesses) to keep track of was plenty.
    For all family & friends, the ceremony for you is coming.   On May 25th 2013 to be exact.   And we can't wait to see you there!   When there is more on the sight, I will share our wedding web sight.   So that you can visit and "ooooh" and "awe" over what an attractive couple we are.   And you can watch the count down of how many days till you too get to see my bride in her awesome wedding dress.   I believe the number of days is just over 400.   Luckily we only have 800 days worth of things to do to get ready. 
Our cheering squad!

   So soon April and I will have three dates to recall.   A fun task for someone who can't usually recall his own birthday without Facebooks help.   October 31st.   Not our actual first meeting anniversary, but a very special day in both our books for sure.  And it's Halloween!   March 19th.   Our wedding day.    It's hard to believe that tomorrow, we will have been married a week already.   And starting next year --May 25th.   Having the date stamped on all of our wedding pictures, may help me though....

     The morning of our ceremony was pretty laid back at our house.   In fact one of my friends was giving me crap, because I was on Facebook, telling her that I was getting married that very afternoon.   She said only I would be online before such a big day.  I replied by telling her that my than fiance, was also online. 

    I was meeting one of our witnesses at the court house and had the youngest son with me.   Noting that April was running late, because of her ride, we went the the 2nd level of the court house, to make sure the judge did not go anywhere.   Needless to say April was more than a little flustered when she did arrive.  But she looked beyond beautiful.   It was a little strange that her driver knew the judge and our other witness was related to her, but hey it's a small town!  We got right down to paper work and picking which ceremony the judge would perform for us. 

  I believe this one picture explains it all.  And again proves that I am the lucky one by far!
   We had a few minor flubs along the way, but the bride did not run out of the building screaming.   So I consider it win win, at least for me.  

   After a deal sealing kiss we became one.   And we eventually all went back to the house for some food and a few shots of booze.  And of course a heart shaped pizza.  

   I would like to say that I have not posted a blog lately, because we have been on a great honey moon.   One that's greatness was the true start of the recent nearby earth quakes.  And although it has been an mostly awesome week, we really didn't go any were.  Next weeksend her and I take off for what we are calling our honey moon.   And some much needed R & R in Seattle. 

   Thank you to everyone who has stood by us for the last six years.  And listened to me grumble and sob.   But thank you most to April Adams who saw something in my all those years ago.   And wouldn't let me be another that got away.    I love you forever and a day!

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