Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Spring!?

   **"You know when you walk into a room and you forget why you went in there?
That's God playing Sims."**

  **" Internet was down yesterday. I think my neighbor forgot to pay the bill. How irresponsible..."**

   **"As soon as women see me, they want to get in shape to impress me. So they start running."**

  This picture is very hard to see, but is a sure sign that spring really is coming~ !  Although the weather is not reflecting that at all here right now.   On St Patty's Day we again watched it hail, and dump down rain.  As I was hearing about 70 degree temperatures in Billings, Montana.   I will post more about green beer day and such tonight.  Anyways, the above picture is of a blue bird I spotted just down the road while roaming around with our dog.  Again I apologize for the crummy picture.  

  So yesterday on the other side of Washington state, they had an earthquake.  It only registered at 3.3, but still an oddity for the area.   Please check out the below link if you wish to read more.

 Another sign that spring is here--is that today is the spring equinox.   The longest day of the year.   I have a feeling it will be a great day, but not really weather wise.  Anyways, this is the only day of they year that one can balance eggs on end.   Go ahead try it!

   My doctor asked me to cut back to one cup of coffee---No problem!   You should see my new booze cup.

 With gas prices already over $4 all over town, I am suddenly very glad we walk and take the bus every were.   Although I do miss the days of having my own pick-up

      Above is today's picture of the day   go ahead you can say it-----Wahoo!
This takes us to Big Horn, Wyoming.   My home town.  This, as the sign says is the Mercantile.   I believe they have ruined the inside of the building, with "progress"  but the outside still looks exactly the same as I recall.   Complete with the horse tie up posts out front. 

  I also believe they ruined the old schools.   The new buildings are huge and look a lot like a prison.  The inside has the same feel also.  With no character, and every room and hall way looking the same.  

 One of the few things I regret about leaving Wyoming is that a few of us classmates recalled burring a time capsule when we were in middle school.   So, years ago.   We are even pretty sure we know were the capsule is now, and that all the construction did not alter the burial sight.   Anyways I left town and the state before we got the project rolling.   We were the mighty Big Horn Rams, and I do believe the best class in years was "97"  I pause while you try to figure out how old I am now.   The  above picture shows our mascot and an award the entire district recently received.   Ugly building, good teachers I guess.  Classes have grown I am sure, but our class was the biggest in awhile with 27 students.   My mother went to the same school, a few years before I did, and they had 4 students.  I believe the best part of the district, was the fact that we had Fridays off.   Longer school daze each day, were well worth it!
  With the un-attractiveness of the new buildings, I was very glad to see this mural.   This picture only shows a small portion of the huge picture.  It was in the High School across from the gym as long as I can recall.  

   In last thoughts, for now, I again will say another blog post is coming tonight.   A picture filled post that is mostly a re-cap of the last week or so events.   The other day I had coffee with a good buddy of mine.   While in Wyoming, I could never find anyone to go to coffee with, and  I missed it a lot.   Although I believe the disscusions and thoughts seemed deeper the more coffee that was consumed.   Anyways, my friend and I had parted ways for almost a year.   And I was more than a little concerned about that morning with him.   I figured that no one would deny free coffee and offered to buy his brew.   Short story shorter, it went very well, and I am overly glad that we are good again. 

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