Sunday, March 4, 2012

Greetings From Washington

                   **"We make our choices, then    OUR CHOICES MAKE US!"**

    **"True wisdom consists in two things:  knowledge of God and knowledge of self."**----John Calvin

     I am happy to say that I am typing this entry from Washington state.  My fourth and final move to the state.   I tend to not stay put well, so can not say that I will not move around the great state.  With the cross country moves comes many changes in my life.   The largest being the sudden jump from being grumpy single man, to being a grumpy family man.   There will also be a lot of changes to my blogs.  Including the introduction of a 2nd blog for your enjoyment.  Finding myself semi-retired again, I have a lot of free time to fill.    This blog is mostly to get myself back in the grove of writing.   With the trip and travels, much family bonding time, and such I have not had a chance to write anything for awhile.   When I was still states away from my fiance and her kids, my motive to add new blogs, was that she would not call me to say good-night, until I posted.   I am slowly setting up an office,  again thank you to my past Jb's co workers, for the great going away present.   This is being typed on my new lap top.   I also have my mini computer, which is great for dragging into the bedroom, or taking on the bus, for my many coffee adventures to come.   So far I am so happy to be back with those that I love, I have not ventured to far from home.  But I have only been here a week now.  And what  a week it was!   
     I plan to have many more great blog entries soon.  Complete with more pictures.  Including our journey to being married.   I also have an idea running around in my head for some of my favorite pictures takin' through the years.   I am looking over some old stories of mine.   Getting ready to launch another blog.   I also will be selling random items online again very soon.   With four colleges in the area, free items abound, and sights like Craigs list make making a profit off these items a breeze.  I have also saved up a nice cushion of cash through the last few months.  Mostly because living at work, was far better than returning to an empty house.  Now I can enjoy myself a little bit.   And our adventures will make the blogs for sure.  Through all the changes I hope to keep you the reader, entertained.  I hope you enjoy the ride, at least a little bit.  And that I keep my return readers, and gain some more along the way. 

     And now a few thoughts on my trip here.   I splurged a little and flew this time around.  The bus is easily the cheapest mode of transit, but also easily the most annoying.  My last trip from Washington to Wyoming took a mere 23 hours.   Which is about 20 hours more than anyone should be on a bus.  My parents drove me to Casper, Wyoming to catch my plane.  With snow hitting the two nights before my departure day, we were more than a little worried about even making it to the airport.  The day before, the highway was closed.   We hit roads filled with black ice for the first 40 miles, and than very good roads the rest of the way to Casper.    My parents used the gift card I got them for Christmas, and we had an awesome send off lunch at The Olive Garden. 
     The plane was very late getting into Casper.  And people were still un-boarding, when we were scheduled to be leaving the airport.   Once we finally got onto the runway, it was decided that the entire plan need de-icing.   Of course the air could not be used during this long procedure.  We were very late leaving Wyoming.   This would not have bugged me at all, but I had a tight schedule in Vegas to keep.   This included, getting my luggage, receiving my 2nd ticket, and getting to my terminal.  Somewhere over Lake Mead I also lost an hour with the time change fun.   I find it amazing how even an hour difference in time, can mess with your head.   I don't see how anyone can fly across the ocean, were you lose or gain a half a day or more. 
     I had forgotten how huge the Vegas airport is, and crossed most of it twice that day.   A very long line awaited me at the ticket counter.   But it was moving quickish.   The smiling clerk told me to get to Gate D ASAP or risk forfeiting my ticket.   When I asked if I was close to Gate D, she told me it was a mere two miles from were we were standing.   Awesome!    I had thought I would have time to waste at the airport, but found I was very happy just to make my flight. 
   Vegas is fun to fly out of at night.  With all the lights and all.   But the lights run out in about ten minutes, and you are flying over all out dessert.   Which is overly boring at night.    At least when you fly out of Seattle at night, you can see lights most of the way into Bellingham. 

    I even ended up at my final destination with all my luggage.   Something as I try to put all of my stuff away, I am not sure I am fully glad about.   It has been a great week back.   And I would not take this decession back for anything.   

 I don't know if this is real or not, but kudos if this is a real product.   I see it about as useful as decaff coffee though. 

   During my break from writing, Dr Seues had a birthday.   His books were all well read during my youth.   The kids school had a big celebration for him Friday.  Which would have been the great mans birthday.   Complete with a story teller, who told some great stories to us and the entire school, as we hung out in the gym.  All of the kids got to wear there pj's and crazy hats and socks to school that day.   For a brief moment, I thought being a story teller might be awsome.  And in fact, I do this in my writing all the time.  I tell a much better story, verbally every time some how.   But am not sure how well I could stick at keeping my storys PG and or clean for the younger listeners. 

                                                                    Happy Trails!

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