Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week In Review Part II

   Hello all!!   I am very happy to report that today's post makes 240 blogs!   In recent reading of my past blogs, I have found it brings back a rush of memories for me.   These posts were also amusing to me, especially the older ones.   Of course I grew up in Wyoming, and am very easily entertained.  Apparently and thankfully, I am not the only one amused.   I just hit 6100 views of my rambling, yesterday.   I thank you all for this.  And hope to jump this number very soon.  **As always PLEASE share your thoughts and comments to my rambling.  And pass on this web sight, if you like what you see.    Thank you!

      Yesterday also marked a week of being married to my amazingly wonderful wife.  I am still not sure what I did to deserve her, but am overly thankful I did it.   Check out my last post for some pictures and thoughts on our big day.   So yesterday I ended up on my first doctor visit since moving back to Washington.   Even though the office is in a close town millage-wise, it takes 3 buses one way, to get to the sight.  Among other things the DR decided that I have a hernia.  I soon after learned that this is passed down through my dads side of the family.  Yeah me, but there are certainly much worse things that can be passed down.  My wife instantly announced how she will be by my side when I do go in to get it operated on.   Any good mate would, I have been by her side in many a hospital.   To many for sure.   But this all means so much more to me, because I highly highly despise hospitals.  Almost to the phobia level.   And because I have never had anything operated on.   This is all in the future, but of course  I will keep everyone up to date on.  If for no other reason, it gives me filler for my blogs. 

   I am a little worried about down time.   Worse case recovery time is 6-8 weeks.   And I see myself going beyond stir crazy.   I do not sit well at all.   Again more to write about.
    I have previously written about 2012 gloom & doom, all of which we have so far survived.   The 22nd of this month, was another date that was supposed to be very devastating to west coast residents.  My wife amusingly, had a friend of ours very worried about the reports that day.  And she was was soon calling relatives and removing her cats from her residence because she lived in a multi level home.   Which might collapse if an earthquake hit the area.  On that day all of the cosmos were supposed to align, causing a huge act of nature.  Not huge enough to bring on an accopsolipse, but to majorly annoy a large section of the population.   Not as laughable since that date, I have seen reports about small earthquakes all along the west coast.  One just down the road from here.   All of the large mountains from Alaska, down are also showing a lot of activity, and beyond due for a enormous eruption.   Many of the resent small earthquakes are areas that do not usually show activity.    Does all this rumbling mean something big is in the works?  

      On a more cherry note.   Spring actually visited us last week.  And in true North West fashion, I walked around squinting.  Wondering what that dam bright light in the sky was.   At some point I went Frisbee golfing for the first time.   It was a quick trip--hitting three holes.  Because we had other events filling the day.  This adventure was in  Cornwall Park.   I plan to write a whole blog very soon --just about the many awesome parks in this great town.   With lots of pictures of course.    Anyways, this got me thinking about past golf experiences.  I do not have many to report actually.   I usually would just go along to drive the golf cart and down beverages.   This being possibly the only place you are legal to drink and drive.  I believe last time I went we talked to the course manager five times.   Who knew it was against code to not wear shirts on the courses.  Or pants for that matter?   The only other related experience was another beverage filled night of my past, were we decided to smack golf balls down the road.  Not the best idea, but many things seem better ideas, the more booze hits your stomach.   Now on to some actual pictures from weeks past.   I will post some more very soon from exploring down by Boulevard Park and beyond in the actual sunshine.  

   So two weekends ago, April and I had an actual date.   Those of you out there that are single or have no kids might scoff and or laugh.  But with three kids, it is an amazing feet to pull of some times.   Her and I have had very few actual dates in the last six years.   Something we are going to work on starting next month.   She really deserves pampering and being woo'd.   And I have to say we both looked great!

    We had a very good dinner out.   And than went to the Up- Front Theatre downtown.   We had never been before.  And were instantly glad that we had purchased our tickets online.  Because they ran out of tickets very early in the night.  For those that don't know, the theatre is local owned.  Always a plus.   Ryan Stills from the Drew Carry Show, is also a part owner.  And sometimes he drops in for a performance or two.   I have meet him, standing out front before.   This was a night full of improve comedy.  By several very talented artists.  They assure that no two acts will be the same, because everything said comes off the tops of there heads.  And the ideas for acts come from the audience.  It was a very entertaining and amusing show.  Although the 1st act was defiantly better.   And of course my company was grand! 
     I highly recommend this place for a great night of entertainment.   Ticket prices are more than reasonable.  The show was great.   It is a very easy place to get too.  Refreshments including booze are also available in the lobby.  Every table in the room has a candle.   You can also win free tickets off of Facebook. 
    Later in the night we returned to a kid free house.  And got to enjoy each other.  And chilax.   The next morning we got to actually sleep in!   It's the little things for sure!  

   Today's picture of the day    Just above!   This was takin last winter in Farihaven, WA.  And it shows that even the local signs need umbrellas around here.   You can actually tell residents that are not locals, by if they are holding an umbrella.   People that grew up here, or are used to the rain, would not be caught dead holding one.   Between Oregon and Washington, I have grown my webbed feet for sure.   But it is still a little hard to wake up to gloomy gray skies many a morning.  The rain is usually very kool, since it comes right off the coast line.  One of the few things I enjoyed about living in Arizona, was the monsoon season.   The rain comes in full down pour, but it is a very warm rain.  The kind you want to be out in and enjoying.   Mainly because before the rain hits, it has been 100 + outside for weeks!
    Soon my pictures of the day will be current pictures.   As always they will be pictures I personally take.  I have to say I stole this concept from the blog sight---- Bellingham picture of the day.    These are all amazing pictures for sure.   Next I want to incorporate a picture were you can guess were I was exploring that day.   The pictures will start out very easy.  And as I get more readers, and guessers---I will add prizes to anyone that can guess were I was.  
  My fingers are getting sick of typing ----and all the coffee is making me antsy, so I will share about the St Patty's parade and beyond in the near future.    As always thank you for visiting my blog.   And Happy Trails!!!!

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