Tuesday, March 6, 2012



                                              **"Just another day in paradise."**

    **"I wear glasses because I like to dramatically remove them to display anger. It was awkward doing that with contact lens."**

   I have not had a vehicle for several years now.  And although I very quickly get tired of walking, I do not miss paying for luxuries like new tires, insurance, repairs, and of course gas.  For whatever reason this time around, gas prices are quickly sky-rocketing.   The station just up the street advertises regular gas at $4.12 a gallon!   And the summer jump is still months away.  Something else to look forward too, I guess.   Even with three kids, $25 bucks for unlimited month bus passes, seems like a betterer deal every day.  Not to say I will not still be working on getting my drivers licence back.

                           I want one.  These are so rare, I could make a killing on E-Bay!

                Next best deal of the week.   I will take them all!   Thanks for playing!

                                **"Sun can ruin rainy day stay in bed plans."**

   **"U- Tube,  Plants VS Zombies, pizza, and mixed drinks. What could be a better Friday??"**

   I have had a great week or so of relaxing and enjoying myself in general.   Work is again in my future, but not for awhile.  At least conventional work.  I can afford to be picky in job hunting, and do some possible money making ideas, that might or might not actually produce cash.  But if nothing else will be enjoyable to me.  Because I hate job hunting and interviews far more than any job I have ever had. 
    This free time is allowing me to go to church on Sundays.  Roam around the many trails near our home.   Walk Max, the family's newest member.   And spend time watching Nextflix.  The later brought me to the following clip.   And I have to admit watching this made me laugh so hard I cried a lil bit.   It is interesting to me how the silliest things are often the funniest.  This concepts makes me overly funny all the time!  Sleep deprivation and the later it is in the night also seem to effect how amusing something is.     I hope you enjoy


                                 Mr Max says "Hi!--- Now take me for a walk--B*tch!"

                                      How one knows they are going to have a bad day.
  **"If I could turn invisible I’d go to Paris and beat up a performing street mime… The amount of applause he’d get would be amazing :)"**

                 **"Ruts are like graves but with ways out in both directions."**

    I realize V-Times day is now several weeks in the past now.   But if you survived the holiday and are not yet single, try this out and please share your results with me.

 And now possibly what you have all been waiting for.........   Today's words of wisdom.   Today we have two.

    Yesterday my fiance and I snagged a ride to the dreaded Wally World and than the Dollar Store.   It saved us hours on the bus, and carrying food home for Max for sure.   This dollar store actually has everything priced for a dollar!~   I have vented before about how wrong it is for most of the items in a dollar store, to cost much more than a dollar.   I guess $200 and under store, just does not sound as good.   If workers have to do a price check at these stores, there is a huge problem, at least in my head.   Most things seem like better ideas in my head actually. 
    Back to yesterday.   As we were pulling up to the Dollar Store, an SUV was parked in the middle of the roadway, waiting for a prime parking spot right in front of the building.  Because walking is bad in most peoples books.  The driver would not move his vehicle.  And as we tried to pass him, to actually park, and than visit the store, the vehicle swerved in our direction.  He seemed to be very worried that we would take his prime parking spot.   My fiance jumped out of our vehicle and went to the drivers window to see what his problem was.  After informing the driver, that now looked a little worried, that some of us had things to do, the SUV rushed forward to the parking spot.
    My fiance proceeded to walk toward the building, in front of the driver, slowly.   He layed on his horn and stepped on the gas.   Our driver and myself were sitting behind as all of this was going on.   And I decided it was time to exit our vehicle and walk past the other driver.  The driver than decided it was time to cuss me out, and call us both fruit cakes.   All such great examples for the two year old boy that was in the back seat, taking all of this in.  Maybe he flipped of his mommy when they arrived home. 
     I am not sure what was the starter of this mans bad day.   Or why we almost became his punching bag over such a dumb incident.  But again this shows how even what seems like the simplest tasks, do not stay that way for me.  

                    I plan on a 2nd post tonight.    Until than     Happy Trails!

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