Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow Day


      I include this first two pictures just to prove that it was in fact sunny outside again today.   Sun is beyond rare in the Great North West in the winter time.   And every time it appears, everyone walks around squinting and running into things, because they have forgotten what that bright ball of light in the sky is that is suddenly shinning down on them.   No other place I have lived was like this with the sun.  In fact people in the north west celebrate there summer with its full on sun, all summer long. 

     In Wyoming were I just came from, it can be an all out snow storm, freezing cold temperatures, but so sunny outside.   The sun is an illusion for sure.   It also snows all winter, and snows a lot in Wyoming.   I had to get a real winter coat again, last time I ended up living in Wyoming.  Never really needing more than a hoodie and possibly a rain coat in Washington state.   Wyoming natives cherish there summers also, but summer time only last about a month tops.  

     Today I am going to talk about Washington snow storms.   They don't involve much storm.  But put the area in a panic. 

      The following are a two of my favorite winter pictures from the Bellingham, Washington area takin' in winters past. 

    I call this one "Snow meets ocean"   I took the shot last winter in the park just down from the ferry, Greyhound, and Amtrac terminal.

  I took this shot several years ago near WWU campus.  Exploring near the look out tower. 

    And now a few from this morning.   While I was roaming around the Fairhaven Park area with my faithful exploring companion, Max

                                                  Max ready to attack some evil ducks

    In Fairhaven Park.   A great park any time of year.   My first visit through the park, before the light dusting of snow, I was amazed at all of the green.  In the trees, the grass, etc.   Everything in Wyoming is long dead and buried under lots of snow. 

  Obviously not open right now, but the park also has water fountains to cool off in during the summer time.  I only mention this, because spring is just around the corner.   Complete with the annoyance of changing our clocks yet again.   Great trails branch out of the park in every direction.  And it is very close to the Chuck A Nut areas.

                     Max was actually worn out ---at least for a little bit. 

  After a quick warm up and some caffeine I too was ready to carry on the rest of my day.   It was a typical March day complete with snow, wind, sun, and than warmish temperatures.    As always    Happy Trails!!

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