Friday, June 10, 2011

Were Supposed to Work at Work?

    **"Hates weddings cuz old people poke me and say:you're next!...So I decided to say the same to them at funerals!"**

                            **"You're beautiful until your Photo shop 30 day trial has gone."**

    Tonight was my Monday at work.   *OK, I can hear you all now, that new calender he saved his tip money to buy-is not working out to well for him....     It has been so long, I do not know if I would know what to do with a regular 9-5 job were I had weekends off.   I kind of have trouble having the weekends off anyways, because that is when everyone else is not at work.  I enjoy a great hike in the middle of the week, while most others are slaving away at work.   I'd enjoy working more days in a row at this point.   Something about having so much down time, while in between jobs lately.   But this summer even in a job were overtime does not land me $5.00 an hour ---over time is hard to gain.   Possibly because the company I work for recently filed for bankruptcy.   This does not necessarily mean anything.   K-Mart did the same years ago, and they are still going strong.   Well maybe not strong by any means, but they are still open.    Last summer I lived on over time.  So much so, that I in the eyes of the government made just enough, that I should no longer receive food stamps.   Fair enough the tips were good, and I dinned well at work almost every night.
    At my checkup check back at the doctor last night, I mostly got more pills. Can you leave the doctor without getting pills?  Or at least prescriptions, it's kind of up to you if you get the pills.    I learned that all my blood tests came out good, although I really have no clue what they tested for besides diabetes and the like.   The doctor for the first time in my life told me to watch my fatty food intake.   I never have understood how anyone could be aneric.  Food is good!   And I enjoy food all the time.   Working around it makes it even better  or worse, depending on how you look at things.   I have noticed that when we are very busy at work, I seldom think about being hungry.  But when it is very very slow, I tend to eye and want to taste everything I see.   I have also learned that I can cut most booze and pop from my daily diet.   I have only drank alchol twice since moving back to Wyoming.   And try to drink way more water than pop while at work.  Even though it is all free for us.  I can not cut out my morning coffee though.   And any time I need to be around people early in the morning, you should thank me that I drink my coffee.  I am not a nice person in general, but hide that fact way better if I have had my morning brew.  
     I relalize I have once again been slacking at posting on my blogs.   I can not really blame it on moving once again, because most of my stuff is in another state, so my last move took about ten whole minutes.   Although I really like my new studio-- it does not have wi fi.  I am still trying to figure out an easy way to fix this.   Sure I am wearing thin my welcome at the local Holiday Inn lobby and such places.  Plus the walk is quickly growing old.   When I don't venture out to have coffee in the mornings, I like nothing more than to relax at home, drink coffee, and at least attempt to write a blog.  The only other major issues I see, is that the TV remote I seem to have, is not for my TV.  In a world of our modern conveniences, it's amazing  what one finds annoying.   I hate walking across the whole tiny room to change the channel and having to stand there while I find nothing to watch on the 88 channels, plus 188 channels.   While when I grew up we had no idea what wi fi was and had exactly three channels to choose from.  Or opt for the even more thrilling game of Pong!  
    I will write more about my new place very soon.   But do have to say that this is the first studio or any sized apartment I have had all to my lonesome in five + years.   That is both amazingly exciting and discouraging to me.   More under the circumstances that eventually classified me as a loner again.   Although I have had very bad experiences with roomies.   I also really do like my space.   I do not count the various No Tell Motels as living on my own.   The last time was years ago when I first moved to Bellingham, Washington from Eugene, Oregon.   I was still working at Wally World and work transfers were easy.   Soon after I meet someone that would be the love of my life, and than in my life forever and a day.   I do not care to share more at this point, or really wish to start my mind turning somersaults about what could have been.   But I have to say I would not have traded in those great five years in for anything in the world.   Even now knowing the ending.   Not that it is even close to an ending for anyone involved.

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