Saturday, June 11, 2011

                                   **Cheap disposable crap for a disposable nation!....."**
                                                                **Sheep are safe!**

My home town  I was a Big-Horn-ian!

     I am soon going to write a blog about how hick Sheridan, Wyoming is.  Not all of that is a bad thing for sure.  But after years of living in bigger cities, it is very hard to get used to.   Their are different "rules" to every day society in a small town.   People drive a lot different and are very laid back.  If you don't have time to wait for two people to finish there conversation in the middle of the street, from there big redneck pickups, get off of Main Street!   When driving, you do start to notice everyone you pass waves at you.  It may just be a one pointer finger wave, but the gesture is still there.   I was so used to big cities, I thought it was the middle finger I kept seeing fly.   As I said, I will venture deeper into all this later.  
    Now I must talk about my first week back in town, the first time around.  It was the middle of winter, and I was defiantly not used to the deep cold anymore.   Or the small town feel.   The last town I was in had around 90,000 residents and 5 of every type of restaurant and business around.   Here your shopping choices include Wally World and K Mart mostly.  Unless you can afford the awesome tourist trap stores downtown.   Wally World is a place I try to stay away from in any town.   But the bargain prices, and lack of shopping here draw me in.   *Cheap disposable crap for a disposable nation!*   Plus this retail store is a visitation Mecca.   You can see everyone in town, in very little time.  

I was a hick too  way back when
     I was wandering through the large store at about ten at night.   And suddenly several workers and all the managers ran past me, walkie talkies blasting.   I know from experience managers rarely ever are seen running, so decided to follow behind.   But defiantly not running, speed walking pace maybe.  Turns out a skunk had wandered in the back, while they were un-loading the trucks, and was wandering around receiving, window shopping of sorts.   The managers and such were trying to figure out how to get it back outside, without anyone getting sprayed.   I did not stay around for the show.  But walked off, slowly shaking my head.   I really did move back to the middle of No-Weres-Ville!   Welcome to Wyoming!
     So my rambling usually does not put the best light on Wyoming as a state.   I grew up here, and came out just fine, just fine!   Although my stuffed sheep collection might say otherwise.   *Sheep are safe!*   But it really is God's country.   And you will never see so much wildlife, just wandering around everywhere.  
     I must pause and change gears topic wise now.   It is rare that this much of my blog is about the same topic.   I sit down with coffee in hand, and never really have a plan for my blogs.   They just take on a mind of there own.  And I hope for the best.   I read them several days later and am always happy when I find the ramblings amusing.    Last night at work, just as I was walking up to the back door, several cop cars roared into the parking lot.   Instantly I was ready to run up to the building, and put my arms up in the air.   I held back the urge, and walked into the building without getting tackled.   I can say that even though I do have some light police "issues" in Arizona--I never plan to travel through the state again.   And I move around so much, that no one ever seems to really know were I live.   I have not received actual mail at any address for several years now.   Anyways, without going into further detail, one of our cooks got to visit the jail for a few hours.   Nothing big at all, but enough to put the managers in a panic.  It was Friday night, and we had a tour bus coming in beyond our regular customers.
     I also want to do a coffee guide for Sheridan soon.  I did a long blog or two about the best coffee joints around, mostly in the Bellingham, WA area in the past.   And know that the one for here will be much much shorter.   I am at Flagstaff  Cafe in the heart of Sheridan's awesome downtown right now.   I have never been here before, although I have been to the original in Flagstaff Arizona.   I mostly ended up here for the free wi-fi and coffee --but really am enjoying the service and atmosphere.   The coffee is a very good brew, and you can buy a great cigar at a goodish price on the way out.   I recommend the Acid cigar, with the blue band around it.   And have to say it's not acid the drug inside.   My passed drug tests in the past have proven that!  But cigar shop workers who are not familiar with them, stare at you like it is acid in them.   They keep your coffee mug full.  My co-workers might say to full, later on as I jitter  around work!   And of course the view of Main Street can't be beat.   Am I hopping for a free coffee or eight in writing this?   Always, but either way they will surly get an awesome review in my expanded post also.  
   This is highly less likely to happen after my waitress just noticed, I had somehow un-plugged their "open" sign while plugging in my laptop.   Whoops!   I guess now I owe them triple the cost on my great cup of Joe!    I must end here, and slowly wander back to my home.   That is still a great thing for me to say, my home.   As I might have mentioned, I have not had a place all to myself in over five years.   Find some lunch, and wander to work.   There is nothing worse than being hungry while working around food all day.   Although I have found on slow nights, if I order dinner for myself, we instantly get crazy busy.   At least 90 percent of the time.   This is good and bad.   Great for tips but bad for your belly while you continually walk past you spoiling food with no time to pause for a bite.   

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