Thursday, June 16, 2011

Were In The World Is Sheridan, Wyoming ?

Hard to see in this picture---But the rainbow appears to end in my bank.

My new camera does not do good close ups---but this is now printed on every pay check stub----Debtors in possession.   That's a good sign right?   I guess it is all good until they start stamping "Void" on the actual check.  I mean K-Mart filled for bankruptcy years ago and they are still thriving.  Well running smooth.   Well open.  

  **"There is some mad wackiness behind some of this check it out"**-----James T     -----After a new worker at our fine restaurant checked out some of my posts.  Still deciding if that is a selling point to put on my future books dust jacket or not, but I like it!

    I realize that Sheridan is not a big city at all, but it is well spread out.   Coming into town off the lonely highway at night, with all the lights and three exists off the highway one thinks they are entering a large town.   I have walked the distance  of the town a few times today.   And am wishing I had better walking shoes among other things.  
    I have lately noticed that electric company's have trouble naming themselves.  The local one spells out MUD when you right the initials on your payment checks.  In Washington it was EPUD.  Which mostly sounds like a great new code name for a few of my co-workers!   Arizona introduced me to a lot of things I really could live the rest of my life without seeing again.   One of these was pay as you go electric of sorts.  And after the worker first explained it to me over the phone, I was sure she was pulling my leg and I was on a new hidden camera telephone show!  The cliff notes are that you basically guess about how much your household will use in a month--and pay say $100.  This lights your house, than they plug a dealie bob-*not official name, in your wall that monitors your actual electric usage.   Three days before you are going to run completely out of juice, it starts flashing and you run to the local grocery store and buy a re-fill on power.   No joke!    Anyways, boy you become distracted easily!   As I was down at the downtown street fair deal *again not the official name*, this fair night I came across a man whose last name was Small.   Proving that Weiner is not the worse last name out there by far.   Although if Small sent pictures of himself out on the web, people might not even notice the object was objectable --because of it's size.   OK, once again, if I have to explain the joke---it's not funny---Thanks for playing!    We had a couple of kids in our school with the last name of Whacker.    This could be made fun of in many amusing ways.   But I think any name can, given kids long enough to pander on it.   About the only teasing I got, was walking into the Adams Family theme song complete with finger snapping, many a morning at school.   It is very helpful with phone calls though, having such an easy last name.   If the caller stumbles over Adams---they are probably a telemarketer.

    For several reasons I have decided to not post actual pictures of my new studio apartment.   One being that it is already not very clean!   Those are both inside, and the mirrors prove great for taking pictures.  And for making the place look so much more roomy!  I recall going to a buffet once after an extra long track meet, and not noticing the mirrors, at first thought the food was almost un-ending!   This place came with a shower curtain.  But I have noticed, most places do not.  I usually notice this an hour before I need to be at work, as I am attempting to take a shower.  I have attempted to turn the shower nozzle all the way toward the wall and huddle in the corner of the shower stall.  But always get more water on the floor than on myself.   This time I am in a actual studio, and got to pay a deposit.   The lease is very simple.   Don't be annoying and make payments on time and you can stay as long as you wish.   I find it "odd" on monthly rentals that a tenant needs to give seven days notice of moving out, but the owners can give you as little as a three day notice to git.   
    I was also amused that the place had a very nice TV with built in DVD and several hundred dollars of other appliances.   But the owner was very worried about the dorm style rug under the dinning room table.   I got a thirty minute speech about how the rug needed to look as good when I left the apartment or it became my rug, and I bought the place a new rug.   Something that could be bought at any box type retail store for about 40 bucks.   But no mention was ever brought up at all about the expensive appliances and such.  

Possibly my first dinner at my new house?

From the outside and such--I wasn't expecting much
But I really like this place.   The inside is very nice.

But the old motel is accented with these purdy pink sparkly rocks.   Thus why it's the Rock Trim?

All of this snazzy talk is reminding me of a recent first at work. A table of gay Indians came in to eat.   A few thoughts on this real quick.   First I am sure there elders would roll over in there graves.   And I now wander what kind of war cry a gay Indian yells?
My friend believes that when we hit a certain number of gay people--that will mark the start of the end of the world.   I have recently talked about some other supposed world enders.   One that used to be very popular, and I haven't heard much about lately.   Was that when the current Pope died, we were all doomed for sure.   Although I do believe the end is close, I do not think it is 2012 close.   Things in all aspects are bound to get much worse. 

 Tomorrow ---some thoughts on the 3rd Thursday downtown fest in Sheridan.
And more random randomness!

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