Tuesday, June 7, 2011


    I was skimming through some old posts this morning while drinking coffee.  And noticed that one of them I dated 2012-- time is flying for me lately, but not sure what was going through my mind.   I am never really sure what is going through my mind at any given time, really.   And have greatly noticed that things sound better in my head, much more so than when I express them verbally.   Guess that is why new people I meet like me a lot, until I start talking!    Maybe with all the crap that has been going on lately, I am just ready for it to be next year, and that much closer to the supposed end of the world.  Depending on which group of crazies, sorry-- cult members you coordinate your death calenders with. 
    Some how this little town has become a vacation Mecca this month, and I am in housing limbo.   The places that are open, are way to expensive for me.  And the rest are booked full.   So very early at night I have no access to wi-fi.   This has kept me from updating my blogs lately.   I am sure that is no big loss to most people.  Although I have noticed a good number of readers each week.   Thank you all.    I will be posting more very soon.   And will strive to get the posts back to more entertaining and enjoyable.   Unless you also use these posts as a quick way to fall asleep at night.   I believe, if all the stars align perfectly, I will be in my own pad again starting tomorrow!   For someone that just spent months --years off and on, living with four other people, you would not believe how much I value my own space now.   Although I very often find it way to quiet at night time.  
     I just found a buddy of mine from the past on Facebook this morning, while surfing the web and enjoying a great cup of Joe.    I have been looking for him online, for about three years.   There are a few people from my past I keep trying to locate online.   But have never been able to locate them.  I am not sure what locating them will actually do for me.   They just seemed to be a huge part of my life past, and would like to catch up with them.   I find it hard to believe in this day and age, that people can be so hard to find.   But than stop and think about allllll my moves, even in the last year.   If it were not for sights like Facebook, most of my good friends would have no way of talking to me at all.   My good friends list seems to dwindle as it is every  time I move.   One of the people on my to find list, is a gal I know lives in this area.  I will not post more than that, because all of my old classmates will know whom I am talking about, and I really do not want that kind of grief.  Anyways, I know she is in this area, but never seem to run into her anywhere.  And can not find her online for anything.   I had a big secret crush on her starting in middle school.   And although we talked a lot and such, I never had the confidence or guts to ask her out.   She now is married and such, but the memories still linger.  
   I would like to pause to thank whomever got me sick.   I have my suspects from work.   I am now going on week two, and believe I would feel much better if I just coughed my lungs up.  I felt almost cured Wednesday and Thursday, but than woke up Friday feeling sicker than before.   I would like to say living on cough syrup is much more fun than it is.   But I can't.   Although I believe it made me more loopy  than normal.   The  return of sun here has helped a lot though!  

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