Friday, June 3, 2011

Still Random

       **"Could you repeat that?  I think I had some thing crazy in my ear."**----Family Guy

**"Facebook status CLEARLY says "Whats on your mind" NOT "Whats your life story, starting when you were 5 years old."**

                                                   **"There is a pill for that!?"**
------ It seems like, from watching T.V. among other things, there is a pill for everything now!   But if you watch the commercial long enough to see the warnings or side effects you could get--it seems like the rash over your eye might be healthier for you.   They do make eye patches so no one else has to see your hideous disease.  And if the commerical offers a huge side effects warning, the list with your actual pills will probably be longer than your cousins prison wrap sheet.  That simple penis enlarger might cause drowsiness, blindness, shortening of limbs *including and or your penis, may make you extra fond of peaches and grapefruit, do not bbq while taking, stay away from females and dogs, may cause lack of getting out of bed, and in rare cases death.   If any of these symptoms occur stop reading this and see your doctor.  After he lectures you for taking the medication in the first place, he will help you.  Unless you are reading this information while also dead. 
    Those devices you insert to stop becoming pregnant before you are ready--and what fun is that?  Are the best, each ad  has to inform the public that the device will not protect you or your partner from any std's.   Really?   Is the potential buyers for this product really that stupid?  
   What else have I learned from TV lately?   Boring jobs can be fun--with the right narrative and writers.  Donald Trump should be fired.   Cartoons are not for kids anymore.    Sitcoms have gone beyond stale.
    I call what we are expected to wear at work, any work sight --my outfit for work.   My current one is not bad at all.  Polo shirts that we can pick and black slacks.   Although our old ugly shirts had pockets for pens--and even now I try to place my pen in non existent pockets.   The worse outfit so far for me was at Pizza Hut.   They did not do much logically at this restaurant, and my career there was short lived.  The best part of the day was either teaching the sympathy hire how to fold the pizza boxes so that the tops didn't snap up and hit him in the face, cleaning the brass with brasso --but no opening windows, or putting all the call in orders on hold while I took care of the customers actually in the restaurant who were also going to leave me a tip or two.   Anyways, for whatever reason, the powers that be, decided we should wear white dress shirts and ties to serve pizza in.  I do not do well with white clothes anyway.  But very quickly these were so covered in stains, that one could use the shirts as a menu.   I hope all of this makes you think if you are a manager getting ready to open a new restaurant.  Or does not turn you away from pizza for dinner for awhile.  


                                 **"Last night in this rental. Dang! It seems like I say that phrase a lot!"**

  I am still not positive were I am moving, but moving some were in Sheridan tomorrow.  Luckily at the moment I have everything in a large suitcase and a snazzy, but ugly backpack.  It was free for me, so I can't say to much bad.   I am sstaying in town at least for the summer. Than it's wide open. Any suggestions for either move?
   It seems that even though the motel manager and owner told me that rent in this room would not go up during the summer, it will.   And it will a lot.   So to protect my pocket book, I went searching for another place to crash at night.  One that had a roof even!   Things hindering this are my lack of vehicle--the cheaper rentals seem to be on the other end of town.  And that thus far, whatever I have been told -doesn't stay true.   Also that most of my furniture and such is in another state.  So that renting an actual apartment here--would result in a mostly empty bachelors pad.    I am at an advantage that most of my few remaining belongings are still in Washington state, making quick moves, very easy. 
     I did find a cheaper place, but I have to be out of this one tomorrow.   And the new one is not open for me until about the 8th.   As far as the end of this summer  I am still wide open on were to move.   I really do not want to be around to freeze another winter here.  Being in warmer climates for so long, makes this worse.  And my spirits are already low enough at the moment, I see freezing every day and not making any money, not being helpful.   This town comes alive in the summer, but I feel it will be extra dead this winter.  So much so, that the already struggling place I work, might be seeing it's last days soon.   In any case, I do not wish to be here come winter time.  So any area suggestions from readers would be awesome and researched by me.  I will say that I love the great northwest and have been thinking about Eugene, OR a lot lately.   I love B-Ham WA  but after four moves to the town, am starting to think the feeling is not mutual.   I was really looking into Carson City Nevada at one point, but can not find anyone that has lived there to tell me about the area.   I definitely know areas I would never move again.   
    While I was roaming around Bellingham, Washington I tried to post blogs about trips around town.  Things that looked and were kool to visit.  There are a ton of these in the area.  My trips were limited, with no vehicle, job hunting, and the such.   But I tried to make each such entry as entertaining and picture filled as possible.   Several can be enjoyed if you go through my past posts.   In my time there --I only told about a fraction of a fraction of the many hugely enjoyable places to visit and roam around the area.   I hope to post many more from that area soon.  But until that can happen, I will post some from around Sheridan, Wyoming.   The place I call home at the moment.   There will not be near as many, smaller place--less to show.   But I hope you enjoy them all.   And if you really enjoy them   let me know or pass the word on to someone at The Sheridan Press or such sight.    Nothing would be finer than published or some day having a local paying blog gig.   Just sayin'  and thank you as always for reading!
    In closing I would like to wish a really good friend of mine/almost a family member---  a very happy birthday tomorrow!   If she still reads her my blogs she will now know, that a prize is in the mail, but will be late.   Sorry!    Same as for a little one she knows that's name seems to start with an J.    

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