Friday, June 24, 2011


    So, once again my detailed plans are quickly starting to come un-raveled.    OK they were not detailed plans--you do know me!   But I had a definite list of plans, a result, AND a way to get there.   But once again life seems to be getting in the way, and defiantly have different plans for me.   I feel I can still make rent money and such, but beyond that will be struggling to keep my head above water.   Last summer I was making great money, and it kept me happily drifting for quite awhile.   So, having a steady job and being able to pay  rent is a great feeling again.   Doing this AND having some money in the bank, puts me above a huge percent of Americans, sadly. 
     After three days off work in a row, in this thrilling town, I am overly glad to be returning to work tomorrow!   I still have to many days off this week, but the days are at least spaced out.   I realize I am in a much smaller town with far less to do.   And with no car or bus system here, I have done more than my share of walking lately.   Through the time off, I have to much time to think.   I am sure you can smell the burning bananas from there--from thinking to hard.   And many of my blogs lately have focused on some of my recent thoughts.   Although I can't usually even keep up with my thought waves--so good luck with that, readers.   I also wonder how I kept from going crazy most of the winter in Washington, without a steady job.   Well, more crazy.   It was very easy to jump the city bus, while living up there, and end up some were very kool.   Or just people watch.   Something I usually enjoyed.  
     I had hoped to raise enough this summer, to pay off as many of my collected fines as possible.  Enabling me to drive again, and gain a better job.  And to just float starting in about October.   I have friends in many towns from my continuing "gypsy" life.   And as I bonded with old friends, made new ones, I would already have coffee drinking buddies.  Something I miss a lot here!   Also while I was there, I could check out the job market, and have new areas to take pictures of, and blog about.   Plus----and this might be the main reason, I would not have to freeze here in Wyoming through the winter, and it's super slow non tourist season.   I am positive it would be an extra long winter here this year.   Especially if the tourist season, continues to not exist here.  
      At this point in time---I think it would be great to find a product I could sell anywhere, and just take off on the road.   Selling items when I needed to  to continue my journey.   And blogging and taking pictures all along the way.  I also would like to give back to people along the way as much as possible.  Clear some more of my Karma maybe.  Help anyone along the way I could.   This would add to my stories on the road, plus hopefully make me feel like more of a contributing person to society while I again was not really working.    Can anyone think of such a product?   Because at least for the moment, this all sounds like the ultimate dream for me now.  
    I hope to make many changes to my blogs in the future.   Starting with small changes.   Before I explain any of them--I apologize for the snooze level of this particular blog entry!   I will do my best to be much more entertaining and or amusing in tomorrows blog.   And or, because I am rarely both in the same entry.
    I want to bring back my "mini rants" on Fridays.   Something I honestly have not been annoyed enough to do properly lately.   Each is dedicated to something current that has overly ticked me off.   Surprisingly, I only have about twelve of these, thus far.   I want to start some other regular entries---including a "find me" type picture/contest.   For the locals --were they try to guess were I hiked too or visited that day.   And than rank the hike or trip-for them to visit.   Using my rank system  in "Hiking 101"  a past blog here.   I have some other great--to me ---ideas roaming around in my head.
    I also am slowly working towards getting advertising and sponsors on this page also.   So if you are at all interested in getting in on the ground floor, while I am still small and very cheap----with your logo on all of my pages, and a strong reader base.   Please contact me!  Before I dive into this to deeply--I want to claim a far higher reader base.   I am working on this, but word of mouth---is always a plus.    I also fear taking this leap----because of both fear of rejection.  And because I don't want to ruin the sight by adding advertising.   Facebook once was greatly worried about this.   And had no advertising.   Now, although subtle---it is completely filled with advertising.  
     Please let me know any thoughts Y'all have on any of this.   You the reader MAKE this sight!!   And any and all input is helpful.    Thank you!

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