Tuesday, June 14, 2011

                                   **"If your not first, your already the second loser."**

                                                                **"I like eggs!"**

-----Nothing beats a great breakfast at night time.    OK almost nothing.   I don't know how many times we used to get around the fixins' around midnight and cook up a huge breakfast.   Called Brinner---breakfast at dinner time.   Or even a bowl of cereal late at night, always hits the spots.  Although in most of my bachelor pads, I never seem to have milk and cereal at the same time.   It's a mystery for sure.   I have learned for sure, no other liquids, from beer to juice---go good with cereal.  
                                **"Now that it's about quitting time, I am wide awake!"**

----Me the other day at work.   I switched my work schedule around and ended up at work at seven AM.   After a mostly sleepless night at home, I was very glad we sold coffee were I worked!   My next door neighbor randomly wakes in the middle of the night, to argue very loudly, with himself.   He was in great form, with lots of cussing and arm flaying I am sure by about two in the morning.   This and some other key factors that start out small, but seem to quickly snowball are making me already contemplate another move across this small town.   I have been in this place for almost a whole week now!   It is to bad, because I really like this new place.   I will not take the time to get into most of the reasons on here for contemplating the move, plus most people I have talked to about it so far, seem to think I am crazy.   Well more crazy for even thinking about this, after landing a nice place in a town short on rentals, nice or otherwise.   Many have to deal with things like the yelling neighbor.   And others are a small hike in my rent, for great improvements.  Such as A/C and actual wi-fi from my home again.    Sadly a big percent of my people interaction, away from work, is online.  Also this of course is the only way I publish my blogs.   Something I have not been doing nearly enough of lately.  

      **"Nothing beats a purdy gal jumping out of a jacked up pickup in shorts and cowboy boots!"**

 I have been talking about great things in Wyoming.   Sometimes in my darker days, I feel there are few good things about the area.   But just walking down the street, and seeing the Rockie Mountians as a back drop to the city, is a thrill to the eyes.   For some reason a gal driving a pick up is a turn on to me, but to be at a place like Wally World, and see a beautiful lady jump out of that truck there driving, in shorts and cowboy boots, almost can't be beat.    That is all on that subject. 


    With fathers day just around the corner--I offer the above.   I did not write this.   It is from the *Sh*t My Dad says website.   As the websites title implies, the language usage is not the cleanest.   But the story is worth a read.  It seems like everyone goes out for mothers day and stands in long lines to eat out.   On fathers day it is not even to as close to busy, and most of the fathers would rather be out with there favorite beverage cooking something on the ol bbq.   Maybe something than ran over on the way home on mothers day afternoon.   That went straight to the freezer, for that special day.    Fathers are equally as important people and aspects to your birth, unless  you were hatched.   And lately I have spent way to much time marveling in the sheer odds of ever being born at all.   From the beginning the odds are against your sperm!  
    This short story also talks about near death experiences.   I have had a few of my own, and have found at least for a little while, it makes you enjoy everything in your life a LOT more.   From waking up, to being able to yawn, it's all a huge thrill.    Sadly this feeling wears off way to fast.  
     Speaking of bbq---I had some excellent bbq'd steak earlier this evening in the huge city of Big Horn Wyoming.   OK village is more like it.    Very good, and an awesome break from being in my lonely box of a home.   I really am planning some picture "tours" of Sheridan, on here, I just have been slacking.   And have very limited computer access right now.   Well online access.  I can use my computer offline any time that floats my boat.    Thank you to all my readers!

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