Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Day O Work Another Quarter Pay

     So for those of you who were waiting on the edge of there computer chairs for an update.  Or maybe just to fill space in today's blog.   As of Thursday I will have a permanent home again here in Sheridan.   An actual studio.   A step or two above the motel life of late for sure.   I am not sure yet, if my computer will work there though.   Which bugs me the most because I spend to much time online when not at work.   Something I am trying to work on.  But I do have to be online to post new blogs.   I am still not sure how long I will be in the new pad.  I have many dreams of moves come winter time, to beat the incredibly cold here.   But my checkbook and built up court fees often laugh at my plans.  
    I do have to say that the place is much nicer than the motel I am currently staying in.   A place I thought I would be living in for the rest of the summer.   The shower here honestly scares me just a lil bit!   My place also has the option of a mini move a few doors down --offering cheaper rent around July.   I had a few other options up  in the air.  But nothing was actually open for me to move into till the end of this month.  To long to float.   And several involved living in others homes.   Although I greatly appreciate there offers, I have had some VERY bad experiences with roomies and honestly greatly value my own space.   I don't like people much you see.   I do believe that at the moment the only people I could live again with would be my ex.   And I can't guarantee how peaceful that would actually be in this point in time.  
    So last night at work, at one point I had dreams of getting of work earlish, for being a closer and enjoying my not cheap motel room.   The room itself may be cheap, but the price wasn't.   Anyways, as we were quickly moving through the closing work, a mini van pulled up.   Sadly for me a family was hungry at about five minutes before closing time.   I in no way am saying that folks shouldn't be allowed to eat right up till closing time.  But be somewhat respectful.    The salad bar was already in the back of the house, the cook line mostly empty.   They were more interested in arguing and chatting than ordering food.   And did not actually order food until about 20 after our closing time.   They were fully aware that the place was shut down, by this point.   The family ate extremely slowly, as in it  took over an hour.   Left a huge mess on and around the table, and left  a small tip.   I bring this up more because, in Wyoming a server makes $2.25 an hour.  As in not minimum wage.   So to stay an extra hour for customers who are far from grateful is a lil harder.  
    NO ONE were I work would ever do anything to any customers food.  But have these people never seen movies like Waiting?   That show almost kept me from going out to eat for quite awhile.   OK, maybe it was my lack of money, that kept me home.   Anyways, they cover this same "issue" in the movie.   And are far from as courteous as we were!  
     People every were seem to think they are the one and only customer.   They can stand at the cash register talking on there cell phone, instead of paying for there actual  items.  Because the world revolves around them?   In modern society, everyone has to interact daily with hundreds of people.   And most of the time, unless maybe it is your birthday, surprise!   You are not number one in most others every day lives.   I know none of this will change anything.  But maybe all two of you reading this, will stop and think about the other person in every social transaction.   All day, all week, and than beyond.    Would you want to stay an extra hour at work for little pay, to serve yourself?    If you worked at a burger joint, and made min wage, what might you do to someones burger, if they stood in your face yelling at you for 20 minutes about how the burger looked?     Think  before you act.   Something I need to greatly work on   everyday!
                                               As always ----Thanks for reading!

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