Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Rambling. Sad for Y'all --My Mind Never Stops Roaming!

                                          **"Love is grand---divorce is 100 grand!"**

    **"This is rare, we got a credit card collection notice and new card application in today's mail!"**----Malcom in The Middle

                                             **"Weiner pulls out!"**

  So --Last Saturday marked the     of the year--leaving      daze in the year.   Thought that was kind of kool.   I have not done the math to verify that it really is true, but I am sure it is.   Why pick something so dumb to lie about -right?   
   In the same mind frame.....   09/10/2011 is coming up!   It will probably be a terrible day, but fun to write on checks.  

                                                      Awesome weekend! But free bars are bad

                  **"Haven't been online for three daze----Seems like much much longer."**

Although I am on the countdown to moving once again.  And actually being able to use my computer at home again.  It is still about two weeks away.  I get tidbits of time online.   And thus have been slacking on new blog posts.   Although I am still not positive most of my reader base really minds! 

                      **"Love stinks! The sudden absence of it stinks even worse."**

  More random thoughts on this --after I get myself in a better frame of mind again.   I went to an amazing wedding the other day  *and not amazing just because they offered a free bar!   Which I enjoyed a ton, and am very thankful I was invited.  But at the same time, with my events of the last, O, two to five years, sent my mind spinning.    Full report on all of that very soon!

**"I just want all of you to know: jokes about female bodily functions aren't funny. Period."**

**"I'm just going to buy some lube---So I can enjoy my recent daily screwing, just a lil bit."**

  I had to throw that quote in the mix.   I have not had  a very good week at all, in any aspect.   In the same thought wave, I feel I could never work in a tire/lube-oil change shop---because I would yell  "lube it up!"  every time a car pulled up.  

    For whatever reason, gays have come up in my regular conversations a lot lalty.   And I have added samplings of our thoughts on it all in my blogs frequently.  I have no real issues with them--some really good friends are gay.   But I do feel that of lately there is way to much of a media push to make gays seem beyond "normal" but the norm.   Which I have to say is kind of scary.   It also is probably why the topic keeps coming up.  
   Anyways, my friend seems to be living in an area full of not straight people.  By the sounds of it, the population might put San Francisco to shame.    He is not a homophobe--but is old school, and not exactly fond of them.   The gay society had a huge parade downtown on Fathers Day there.  *I already find issues with this:   Because the amount of fathers would greatly reduce in there society--thus why celebrate it on Fathers day?   He, seeing posters all over his work place about the "event" instantly started talking about hosting a parade for straight people.  Instantly stating that the parade route would have no turns or corners, but would run completely straight.  
      His thoughts were instantly meet with flax.   Why would anyone ever want such a parade---and similar expressions.   The room was kind of outraged with his idea.   I for one would show up and bring as many people as I could!   We wouldn't bash gays, but sure as heck support liking gals.   We could turn it into a single "mixer" meet and greet at the same time!   And I for one love his idea of the parade route!

  **"Everyone should get a vasectomy!   Future generations will thank us!"**---Peter-Family Guy

 I do not have a picture of it, but the new kids menu at work has the greatest kids maze I have seen in awhile!   It basically shows a start arrow,  a large completely blank area and than the finish arrow!   It teaches your child to be imaginative as they draw in there own maze, and than try to complete it.   Who says society is stupefying the next generations.   OK, I might have said this a time or two.   But I participated with the education of three youngsters while living in Arizona.  They are in Washington state now, and the schools are far better.   The main problem I had with the Arizona schools, beyond the principal in our same school distract, getting taken in by the FBI for kiddie porn.   Was that they were starting to go to school uniforms for the kids, at an elementary level.   The schools all look like prisons lately anyway, why dress the kids all the same.   I can kind of see the benefits of dress codes at least in the high school level.   But still can't see a call for it with elementary aged kids.    The leaders of this idea argued that it would allow poor kids and non poor to look the same, and they would not be made fun of.   *At least not for having less money*   BUT in the same breath they would explain that there were five different shirts to choose from.   Each, get this, costing a higher amount to purchase, depending on the style and quality of the shirts.   How does that stop the problem exactly?

    Have you noticed the sayings on the tops of Sobe drink bottles are never funny anymore?   Or even close to entertaining.   They used to at least be a little enjoyable before you tossed them in the garbage.   Maybe the sayings are now just to "deep" for me to understand. 

   I can not use the T-9 setting on my cell phone.   *were it trys to "guess" the words you are trying to text.   My spelling is so bad, whatever I am typing the words just come up ??????????

                                                            **"This blog loves haters!"**

    So much talk lately has come up about fake blogs.   Well the blogs are real, as in they exists, but the writers are not who they claim to be.   The estranged foreign gal, repressed from society, that turned out to be a white gal in America.   The lesbian blogger, that was a male construction worker.   I would like to take the time to point out that nothing is fake in my blogs!   If anything I try to post that will make people think twice, or argue with me.   Because I enjoy comments of all kinds.  Although I rearly get any  *hint hint!   


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