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4/30/2012---Yo yo!!

        Hello all you peeps in reader land and beyond!   Just this page hit 30,000 views earlier in the week--so thank you all for that bit of great news!  For more updates and insanity please check out MY Facebook page   Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head   That page is updated often, and with not working at the moment, maybe to often.  It is also the quickest way to contact me---and leave comments and death threats and such.   I know that with so many people checking out this page and my random rambling that usually tends to lead to grumbling-not everyone can agree with my thoughts.  Please feel free to say so at any time. 

   My newest Exploring page is also full of pictures and trips across wonderful Arizona.   Please check out the page, and help me find more readers for it also!   I believe my next Exploring post on that page will be from Tucson  mostly the downtown area. 

                                                       Look at the happy couple!

    Once upon a time we lived in Florence, AZ and they have such signs all over. They also house 4 or 5 prisons. Figuring if anyone did get loose--they would be straight out in the desert and screwed. Anyways, I always wanted to but some orange jump suits and jog the streets --to see what would happen.  But was never brave enough to test out that fun.  On a related note--the amazing Sheriff Joe or Arizona is talking about running for Governor. 

                                                                       Mmmmm coffee!

                                                        The same could be said about beer.....
                                                  Although the last picture would be a drooling smiley face!

                                      On a related topic--I can not believe the people they choose to run the registers at our local Wally World.  I worker for the company for eight long years, and realize how easy it is to be a cashier.   One really can talk to the customer as you quickly bag up there new belongings.  And be polite and at least fake friendly.  Yes I have a very good "Wally World smile--and yes it is VERY fake!   Most of the time only my wife can tell when the fake smile appears.  And at least the first few years of working there, I could do all of that with a mild to killer hangover too!  But holy cow---the same can not be said for most of the cashiers at this store.  If you ask them a question, while they are bagging---the bagging stops and many times I swear I see them start to drool while they are trying to form an answer to the question.  And if you ask them to actually -correctly count your change back, prepare to stand there awhile.  The local store is an extra bad store, and of course all of the locals love the store, because it saved this town in there eyes!  We kind of have excepted this fact, and I try to keep notes about it out of this blog page.  But it is MY blog page---and I guess it extra erks me, because I have soooo much experience --and the local company does not want me to work there.  I since applying have found a much betterer job, one were I will not quickly loose my sanity and my remaining hope for humanity.  But sill.  Plus when I thought I was getting hired back into the large box store giant, the manager explained to me how important great customer service was at this store.  I have yet to see it ever, and we have been in this area for just short of a year now. 

   **"Did you know that if you play the "I'm Happy!!" video with no sound --it makes one very depressed?? Also after the 4th time we heard the song today--it makes one very sad. On another note--Tucson pictures up soon.:**


Today's Exploring picture of the day comes from Bellingham, WA. This used to be painted on the back of a maintenance building off of State Street near the Welcome Mural. My guess is it is not around anymore. But whatever the case this picture always makes me smile.  And than seeing the bay right there made me even more happy.  I have soooo many pictures of the bay in case you have not gotten that memo.  But water of any kind seems to be overly calming for me....

And now a few updates for those of you that are actual regular readers.
Lupe's the restaurant I was protesting and having trouble getting paid from and that turned me off from working in Benson in general closed it's doors about a week ago!  It looks like I got my pay just in time.   Not to say the workers have stopped bugging me, but that may be mutual.  :)    Now if I could just get the Tucson store in trouble also.  I know many people thought all of this was a waste of time.  Including the others that never got fully paid in this area.  But I find it strangely satisfying and find myself driving past the store each day --increasingly happier each time I see them closed in the middle of the day.

So in case you have not gotten the memo---we have a restraining order as a family against my mother n law AKA The Devil, for many many reasons. We get a phone call a few daze back- from another family member informing us that the mother N law bought a house in the area, and if we ever needed a babysitter we could just leave the kids there. No contact really is hard to comprehend I guess. As in--when we get re-married next year in Vegas--we will have a bouncer/my best man--just to keep such people out. We are so serious in fact that the same bouncer will be at my wife's funeral. Thanks for playing!

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