Thursday, April 17, 2014

He Is Different!

           I realize that it is night time, but with every day being like a Friday for me right now in my semi retired state--I need an energy pickup and am drinking a nice hot cup of coffee.  I have determined that being retired with out any real cash is not a fun experience at all.   I also can not believe how close it is to Easter.  Did this month fly by for everyone else too or just us?  The next few daze are not going to go any slower for us either.  Today is my beautiful wife's birthday.  She is on her 3rd anniversary of turning 29 I do believe.  The kiddos have no school tomorrow.  It is county fair weekend.  And free weekend for many national parks.   Also my wife goes into surgery on the day after Easter.  So before I blink to many times, it will be the end of April for sure.   The month, not my wife! 


       I am reading a book---one with surprisingly few pictures in it.  And one of the main characters gets picked on a lot.  The advice given to him=is to bring the crazy.   The other person will soon avoid you like the plague.  I now wonder if this would work on the city bus?  One of the many places that everyone who is already crazy --brings it-and sits by me.  This makes me stop and wonder how many people really are as out of it as they appear in public?  If I am driving on the highway, and to many vehicles cluster around me --for my driving comfort, I start to swerve the car around a good bit.   Soon no one will drive even close to me.  Or even venture to pass me.  Giving me a nice cushion of driving freedom for miles to come!   Please note--the same advantages are not encountered if you try this near a speed trap by the highway patrol.  Maybe just maybe many of these "social misfits" are just running an experiment on how you will react when they do something like lick your eyelids or "pretend" to pull lice out of your hair.  Maybe your reactions fill volumes in there journal each night.  Especially if the eye lid licking calms you.  Maybe these people are so tired of human interaction, that they appear to be super our of it, so others will leave them alone!  I can see the benefits of the last suggestion for sure. 

I know what's going on!
Easter is a perfect time to reflect on what is really right and what is wrong.
It is also a great time for some jokes!
I think we will pass this event this year.
                                                           Free truck wash though!

     No soup either!!   For all of you not living in Arizona  spring is still hitting the reset button.

For all of you armchair weather men that check your computers for the temperature instead of actually looking out there windows.
If you have not noticed yet   this page is very gun rights friendly.   If you do not agree with this you need to have a talk with my buddy--he really is a great kid....
I usually say that sheep are safe,   I guess it still could be a true story since this is a goat, but wow. 
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